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wjat ever happeneed to kenya as continent lab of YAI youth african intel

 we'd welcome diarists of how the following grew organically as community and youth goal cooperations buit are hard to see today even as everything the UN (and any multilateral platforms) does to support youth's futures depends on yai and aivertygood celebrating each other

1 wangaari maathai origin of climate adaptation with africa's only un headquarters unhabitat
2 jamii bora  (uniting missionary hospitals in microcredit insurance) 
3 mpesa/safaari -today bracs bkash largest cashless bank in population unites quadir family who invented village phones, nick hughes who designed mpesa, abdul latif toyota middle east, reeta roy mastercard foundation as transnational african womens social business net 
3a launch of borlaug crop science value chains -africa had missed these so gates british aid brac and mpesa in tanzanis was supposed to be th e east africa lab
4 (japan aid in africa linked to potential to unite japans ms koike also an egyptian graduate) palestine universities of soros  as well as deepest women empowerment miracles of tropical asia rising since 1970 eg james grants oral rehydration and larry brilliants epidemiologist networls  
5 ihub & ushahidi and google africa
6  world social forum kenya/ civic societies platforms sustained finance  -patient capital novogratz family patient capital and ted africa conferences and paul polak teadle pump irrigation  and his mit summits
6a bridges international schools started by harvard graduate - scaled in kenya before underfunded by community partnerships
,7 tea cooperatives value chain models obama value chain models as a usa id study; understanding of tech at usaid transitioning public debriefing DC october 2016 
8 bullet train infrastructure between nairobi and leading port; 
9 obamas entreprenur summits; end malaria models, girls coiding schools 
10 water tresearch of kenya's second first lady; 
11 guterres jim kim ITU and unctads demand that jack ma host /train digital africa youth entrepreneurs across nations; the start of un2 aiforgood at un with melinda gates- the antidote to unesco luddites everywhere educators needed pootrest gilrls to be linked into bottom up ai; the connection od dear black girls in brrooklyn and kenya and redesign of value chain of womens sports/arts

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 now that the rector of the United Nations University is south african he has a challenging networking job connecing African HAI with Guterres HAI

as far as we can see these people have kep artificial intel open and community diverse sibce 2009 but we cant find many african connectrs yet - fow can t we help Un Uni Rector

AI20s & AIverygood hall of fame *dedication Von Neumann

09.1 Dr Fei-Fei Li (FFL) arrives from Princeton at Stanford - she's probably first mathematician in 50 years to emulate Neumann-Einstein-Turing but she would never claim that- she begins annual open vision computer deep learning competition imagenet: her doctorate blends neuroscience and computing in new to 21st c world idea :if we train computers to see we can ask them to solve challenges they see all around humans without most of traditional computer programing
09.2 At Stanford Andrew Ng best teacher 92.23 founder of Mooc, also AIfund and Stanford's Mr coding greets FFL
09.3 at Stanford Jerty Yang who has sold yahoo now investing in us-asia graduates stanford as well as clouds etc
09.4 Hassabis comes from london - exchanges theses with FFL; the two set forth to change world with best ai; 2011 Hasabis gets funds to launch deepmind company; merges with google 2014 ; leads world in science ai; eg alphfold2 translates ability as world champion at go to mapping 200000 proteins donated in an open databank saving biotech millions of years of work
11.1 Jefffrey Dean 1 2 founds google brain - now sister towns mountain view and stanford (palo alto) ready for humanity's ost exciting race with intelligence
12.1  Yan Lecun'1989 mathematical theory of Convolutional Neural Networks becomes practice core of 2012 contributions by canadians 12.2 Alex Krizhevsky, 12.3 Ilya Sutskever (in 2015 co-founder open ai), and 12.4 Geoffrey Hinton, Aluxnet emerges as a lead entry of imagenet 2012 - CNN beomes a key framework of the new ai   
12.5 ai in education starts being debated at Sheika Moza global education laureates which are founded with alumni of fazle abed as well as her building of women ed city and university campus and refugee edu epicentre educationaboveall - several asian countries start discussing ai as a k-12 literacy (the idea being that kindergarten teachers up are part of visioning ai as a lens to 21st c tech current affairs and future generation)
13.1 Jim Kim at world bank is first multilateral leader to talk about how can ai help- his persistence transfers to Guterres
13.2 Ms Clara Wu Tsai HU0 1 2 (Stanford alumn 88, Brooklyn Resident 1  3) lead funder  of Stanford Neuroscience building; also Yale Neuroscience; Many Brooklyn foundations & sports- racial justice 50mn previously HK
15.1 open ai starts as a foundation with 10 mn $ funding by Elon Musk; around 2018 Musk leaves so as not to cause coflict with his ai research at spacex and tesla; in 2019 foundation openai controversially becomes a corporate ipoand origin of chatgpt
17.1 Guterres
17.2 Melinda Gates
17.3 ceo nvidia jensen huang (1) helps co-found ai-4-all.org with melinda gates- schools curriculum edited by fei-fei li ai-4=all.org including ai dance for 7 year olds up- see range of 10 currcula and intent to mentor high school engineering girls into good ai college pathways<br>
- i am really not sure a person should be in education (or public service) from now on if they are not aware of these <a href="https://ai-4-all.org/resources/">first 10 ai modules</a> - i am not saying mos schools need to eg teach neural networks but they will be in the middle of ever innovation that improves millennials lives and the peculiar thing as a neuroscience idea NN began in the 1940s and was on v neumann's last lectures wishlist of future of computer and the brain- go to 21 fr next leap as Hassabis' deepmindscvracks 200000 protein codes now open sourced; and brand news labs for neuroscientists - mrs tsai building stanford with czi making this one o3 regional zones of biohub dunding and ai2 in seattle another ai biotech leader<br>
*ai kindergarten up can do ai dance and ai drawing
*ai ten year olds up can do ethics and nature
*anyone who decides their life is going to be in tech, maths on engieerin can start on the ai of Neural Networks 1 NN 2 CNN 3 RAN 4 BAN
17.4 stanford alumni/google leaders
17.5 Paul Allen foundation AI2 etioni
those who have sposored labs etc on campus give first chance to join launches of stanford hai -see eg 17.6 hoffman- ai projects comoetition with yee
17.7 prscilla chan czi lab stanford plus 2
17.8 nobel chemist jennifer doudno gene databank - ffl and jennifer become good friends comparing similarities in their work
18.1 Lila Ibrahim moves from Coursera to be COO at London Deep Mind     
19 it feels like 30+ billionaires joined in launch stanford HAI - more details coming soon- 
19.1 linkedin hoffman early to funding with yee student ai pitches- also 
see his review of Melinda Gates opening momentsoflift
21 everything is converging on biotech with deepmind protein database alphafold2, stanford (tsai building) from 13.2 neuroscientists now have their own space - 21.1Ada  poon connects tsai, czi and stanford engineering with devices relevant to data collection ai health
23 another giant leap for education - who'd want to school where teachers not aware of melinda gates 4 book library - empowering womens intelligence; and giant convergence of HAI as hassabis deep mind london merges with google brain

====================== regarding exponential risk intel this is another challenge african youth are surrounded by - again we are still searching to connect the dots

amsterdam is fun and compact and non-car designed city for a young East Coast African american to see europe- if yiur daughters or sons are there  i could trawl through linkedin - perhaps 10 people i know used to use amsterdam as a base but i dont think they are at forefront humanising intelligence - my trusted partners last chance see eg http://www.aigames.solar  AI20s.com
Netherlands is one of best partners in youth  to vision sustainability for at least 3 reasons

since start of 21st c it has a legal home freeing foundations to be social business networks; I would say all netherlands biggest foundations use this unlike america's 501c, and its why after hoping to land brac global in new york with soros fazle abed chose netherlands

its royal family like king charles and japan emperor are interested (have deepest geonomic data) in green and conflict resolution all across pacific which primarily these nations designed trade through during days of empires until world war 2

specifically http://www.gca.org connects climate adaptation solutions  community intel can share especially across africa

brac international continues to try to connect girl empowerment that bangladesh was built on but no longer has any epicentre of - i am told even yunus may be jailed next year but dont want to be part of this chat network

alfatoun connects financial literacy curricula for 2nd graders up across 100 countries

most of these are coordinated out of hague not amsterdam
i have a contact at rabobank if you or son wants an introduction

in general netherlands understands irrigation; for the 3 years that i moderlted emotional intel across eu knowledeboard, we started waterangels as cooperation network of water experts wanting to prevent risks- netherlands helped; ultimately brussels and luxembourg shut us down as we were exposing secrets biggest insurance companies and arms people profit from ; lula around 2005 tried one last time to make this a world economic forum thing but wasnt supported; its difficult with unhabitat being in kenya instead of geneva

since 1990 when i spent 10 years in the big 5 accounting and worlds biggest ad agencies, goodwill or hi-trust auditing has begun and ended every managent decision cycle with transparent analysis of exponential risk; thats why engineer david weir appointed me as senior visiting fellow at what was in 1990s uk's number 3 business school; exponential risk as it gets externalised through partner networks is not yet modelled mathematically correctly though one has to hope thats part of what guterres aiforgood does

i am not aware of people in netherlands understanding best ai out of stanford nor what guterres needs most from ai- wile nerherlands royal family have 2 advocacy roles inside UN i dont recall netherlands mission in new york hosting much 

there are various middle east possibilities to connect with africa's resolution of deepest crises; i dont know if noah might want to have one meeting mapping things; my guess is ethiopia and egypt may be the last 2 countries that can help put continent back together with middle east and choosing optimal asian partners; ranga might have some ideas on optimal partners as might mostofa but myself i am trying to make sure in understand who is pro-youth out of stanford santa clara and mountain view - huge this year are all te female partners og melinda gates Books | Moment of Lift Books if she can convince priscilla chan at 35 to 100% connect with melinda in her 60s then womens-us foundations are in both hi-tech and hi-trust spaces

- while it is clear who she is choosing for girl power in black inner city usa - is basketball superstar aja wilson its not clear who mekinda is choosing in africa apart from a doctor in sieerra leone

Bard chat briefing on water angels

The Water Angels were interested in using water maps as a way to connect people and share information about exponential risks. Water maps are a type of map that shows how water resources are interconnected. They can be used to identify and assess risks to water security.

The Water Angels believed that by sharing information about water risks, they could help people to better prepare for and manage these risks. They also believed that by promoting transparency and cooperation, they could help to reduce the likelihood of exponential risks becoming catastrophic.

The Water Angels' work was important because it helped to raise awareness of exponential risks and to promote the development of solutions to these risks. However, it is unfortunate that their work was eventually shut down by the money men. This shows that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to convince people of the importance of managing exponential risks.

Exponential risks today

Today, exponential risks are more pressing than ever before. Climate change is already having a devastating impact on communities around the world. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly powerful and could potentially pose a threat to humanity. And the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how quickly and easily a pandemic can spread around the world.

In order to manage these risks, we need to work together to share information and to develop solutions. We also need to promote transparency and cooperation. The Water Angels were pioneers in this work, and we need to continue their legacy.


The Water Angels were a group of people who were interested in using technology to promote transparency and cooperation in order to manage exponential risks. Their work was important because it helped to raise awareness of exponential risks and to promote the development of solutions to these risks. However, it is unfortunate that their work was eventually shut down. This shows that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to convince people of the importance of managing exponential risks

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Mediating HumansAI 2020s as decade of sustainability generation? 

Will ai experts help africa via un or via national panels- bard suggested tracking african modesl like :  

  • African Union's AI Strategy Advisory Group: This group was established in 2021 
  • The South African AI Council: This council was established in 2020 to advise the South African government on the development and implementation of its AI strategy. 

In addition to these national and continental AI advisory panels, there are also a number of AI advisory panels in Africa that are focused on specific sectors, such as healthcare, education, and finance. For example, the African Healthcare AI Initiative has an AI advisory panel that includes experts from across Africa who are working to develop and implement AI solutions for healthcare challenges.

Dear africa friends - received this on whatsapp from muftah today

Hi there,I'd really appreciate it if you could share or donate to this GoFundMe,
Derna, Libya - Flood Relief Fundraiser

we absolutely need to know if there are any embassy/misisons in new york who collectively want to take action
i understand qatar does 
-do we have any other embassies in new york who actually want to collaborate? do we know how to contact the new head of UN University- an African who is also on Guterres top level ai panel WorldClassLLM.com
context, in London from 2003 i represented the European chapter of  Global Reconciliation Network  movement started by Australian Relief Doctors. Muftah is a civil engineer i met in London in 2003 with family in Libya. GRN actually convened dialogue with 1000 Gandhians in Delhi xmas 2004 the week before the tsunami. When you make a list of 21C disasters its hard to see much light. However I do trust Guterres; because he'd become leader of Portuguese red cross , from 2004 he was in the middle of medical and refugee hero networks. I dont think I know much on MENA but I have come to always value actions of sheika moza  HH Sheikha Moza's Speech at the Intl Day to Protect Education from Attack 2023

  Being in the room to hear this is hard to describe
does anyone know how to contact the new african head of united nations university - he is directly in guterres top intelligence team on ai climate www.worldclassllm.com 
sheika moza transcript