Thursday, May 14, 1970

 Why not translate 30 greatest human development cooperations of last 50 years

-while almost of these were empowered by Asian women (billion history had least invested in) - why not ,ap how to ,move from aid1.0's standard up to 1972 to aid 2.0's achieved by village networking without electricity to 3.0 models that have applied mobile and solar   

Goal 1 end poverty finance 3,0 models 1.3 ultra poverty gradiation - the finavcial innovation ebvery national university systems needs to partner; 1.4 city banks for previous generation rural particularly womens small enterprsies 1.5 bkash - join in the most popuous cahsless banking model designed to value previously unbaked 1.6 chooseing a trnasnational 2nd hq in a place that wants totwin sisters with your women empowerments deepest solutions  Goal 1 finance 2.0 models 1.1 aid  aid2.0 vilage social busienss microfarnchsie; 1.2 microfinace franchsies and value chains

Goal 2 food security to locally end hunger: 3.0 models 2.4 national vale leadership of poutlry by poorest; national dairy leadership by poorest  2.6 catalogue of typically 15 value chains mainly agriculture based inetgrating smallest enterprises (a nation which isnt clearest on this catalogue also has much more challenges with climate and other natural changes -with additional consequences for infant and maternal health) 2.1 the lesson of rioce or your contient's staple; 2.2 seed science for at least one pro-poor vitamin rich veggie or fruit; 2.3 village=led trading channel to city (eg start with crafts, cash crops including eg social forestry, arts eg fashion designs) - if started before 3.0 then chances of designing 3.0 rural-city trading equity can be optimised   

Goal 3 3.1 is you nation most efficient at a patrticular infant or vilage womens medical service -while its true that not every nation can be a world elader in a cure as simple as oral rtehydration- we've enetred a biotech age where partnering womens global univetrsity of poverty is an advantage no place should miss; 3.2 design your barefoot medics network; nationwide approval of infant/child vaccination matters; connect with global fund's wold's most efficent networlks of ending TB; 3.5 frugal interdisviplainry designs - eg WASH & Maternal 3.6 Centre piece your university sith james grant school of public health

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