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 Of course we want cooperative intel on scalable solutions too, but first here are some guesses on who can vision challenges -please edit my guesses today's zoom 3pm Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84071832685

Charles has lawyer offices in New York and Lagos and a school in Nigeria. he can see Nigeria has the biggest increasing youth population on the continent and can describe which commodities are extracted/shipped out of Nigeria mainly to benefit old empire interests. His wife is a nurse and they expect to adopt at least 10 children in their Bronx home.. A month ago he was briefed by Guterres sdg lead connector at the african union and others in this panel on intel Guterres with AI aims to share with under 30s during his last 3 full college years and the first 3 that goodAI chatgpt links. UNGA 2023 - why sdgs were stillborn; UNFA 2024 united youths futures; 2025 roadmapping civil society integration into gov2.0 benchmarking

20 March UN 9:30 - 11:00 Opening Plenary: The Role of Civil Society in the SDG Summit and the Summit of the Future Opening session to set the context for the Global Futures Forum, featuring a High-Level Panel. Venue: 2nd Floor CCUN  Panel 
 ● H.E. Guy Ryder, UN Under-Secretary-General for Policy
 ● Aishwarya Machani, UN Foundation Next Generation Fellow 
● H.E. Alya Al-Thani, Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations
 ● H.E. Fergal Mythen, Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United Nations
 ● H.E. Danilo Türk, President, Club de Madrid and Member, High Level Advisory Board for Effective Multilateralism (TBC) 
● Khalid Boudali (from Morocco), Presiding Officer, AU Economic, Social & Cultural Council (ECOSOCC)
 ● H.E. Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Co-Chair, Coalition for the UN We Need and Executive Director, Global Women Leaders: Voices for Change and Inclusion> Limksperson to UN Water Summit
● Moderator: Nudhara Yusuf, Global Futures Forum Coordinator

Maurice at the world bank can see food data that might help all of Africa
Moreover if the Indian head of Mastercard becomes the next world bank head that will make the 30+1 around Guterres Very Interesting

Mehdi previously a bloomberg analyst on energy also a fin tech and food entrepreneur in New York can see how morocco along with 13 French speaking countries is still partially by paris and the way the french ended the original purpose of the EU 1955 with common agricultural policy 1962. The founding EU6 were also unbalanced (Germany Luxemboirg Belgium Netherlands) as far as celebrating win-win trades across the med sea and canal to asia leaving Italy as the only nation coastlines dependent on med sea nation win-win trades. If you map how the 2 world wars were s-north confrontations up central Eurasia border- the design of the EU6 was totally inadequate for intergenerational peace.onceinageneration

If relevant to you we can introduce afrca trainers of African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and there remain some intriguing questions out of kenya - what can unhabitat do; would you like to linkin with the head now responsible for moringa coding school - the founder audrey cheng still supports this while taking on her newish position partnership director of discord out of miami

That's a start people like peter and john kiehl have been discussing this since I first met them from 2008 - amplified by kind invitations from Japan Embassy, Asian graduate female mediators and I were starting 16 trips to bangladesh to more deeply understand the 1 billion girls empowerment miracle of ending extreme poverty. we were briefed how the millennial goals had too many holes - eg the only educational goal : get everyone into primary school did little for what millennials livelihoods needed to shape jobs ; and most goals were all-too-easy greenwashing victims. In Bangladesh's view 2015 didnt just need a longer list of goals it need system transformation designs that are now called the un tech envoy digital roadmapping of un2 and egov. The Franciscan inspired genesis of this design is 4 of humanity's deepest public servants jim kim. ban ki-moon, fazle abed and guterres (emergent from abed's 80th birthday party spring 2016); be the unga sept 2016 they were demanding connections between UN tech and 50 practice branches and educators. Leading tech observers from 15 countries were asked to complete the roadmap

7 change media
6 change ed
5 change AI for good
4 train 2020s goats of maths and assign them with AI to bottom up data science & blockchain transparency
3 change systems of public service - see un egov national rankings
2 change 8 billion beings behaviors to be united by borderless rights and inclusion within borders
1 recursively celebrate womens kindness 7-in-one exponential multipliers altogether more valuable than 90 day monetary smash and grab.

I have tried to put some of chatgpt vision on this at ..................................................economistafrica.com but

tits just a blog please suggest what to edit in and out

question is there a way to include give jim kim? as well as health out of boston, ne now works for nigerian owned infrastructure investment bank out of new york is there a way to contact his team to understand AAIIB African AI Infrastructure Banking?

Given India has biggest youth population explosion challenge of all - can India and Nigeria help each other with education solutions?

Given a zambian was one of AI heroes featured on last night 60 minutes who else are African Diaspora AI heroes?

Toyota's Middle East Poverty Lab franchise is arguably Boston's greatest end poverty funder - does Abdul Latif integrate with Africa and Qatar's first lady Sheika Mosa whose wise laureates only University winner is Ghana's Ashesi. What ever happened to Mandela/Blecher Virtually Free University movement out of S Africa

Can we contact Nigeria's Ola Browne probably Africa's greatest heroine of Africa health services unless you know better? (voted MIT guests all star 2010)

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