Continuing Entrepreneurial Revolutioin Curriculum of The Economist's Norman Macrae 10 sept 1923 to 11 June 2010

- special thanks to South Africa's Taddy Blecher for being first educator to celebrate Norman Macrae remembrance party ; spoecial thaks to sir fazle abed foir being the greatest educatir to remember Norman and his wonderful microfranchise-0 adolesecent girls jobs clubs across BRAC in Africa; special thanks to 4 chinese efemae graduates for updating Norman's belief that the sustainability of all global youth will depend on china's education leadership , Kissinger 30 year celebration of the 150 person network of Chiense Americans who love both countries futures of youth and QuarterBillionGirls can share their story of what the human race needs to celbrate now

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

march is where we collate more notes on who could corespond for africandiaspora curriculum at open elearning partners

Africa's open elearning partners sponsored overall by ethiopian diaspora led by noah samara since 1992- upDATE see 2014 and 2105 summits

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