Continuing Entrepreneurial Revolutioin Curriculum of The Economist's Norman Macrae 10 sept 1923 to 11 June 2010

- special thanks to South Africa's Taddy Blecher for being first educator to celebrate Norman Macrae remembrance party ; spoecial thaks to sir fazle abed foir being the greatest educatir to remember Norman and his wonderful microfranchise-0 adolesecent girls jobs clubs across BRAC in Africa; special thanks to 4 chinese efemae graduates for updating Norman's belief that the sustainability of all global youth will depend on china's education leadership , Kissinger 30 year celebration of the 150 person network of Chiense Americans who love both countries futures of youth and QuarterBillionGirls can share their story of what the human race needs to celbrate now

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

provisional agenda 23 june 9am collaboration cafe dialogue at silver spring

=>Publishers World Record book of Job Creation  -draft 20 june
questions from multi-win game 3.2: social world trade AfricaAA Millennials & Women4Empowerment
How share following social innovation actions with members & partners process
1 Four African countries of sustainability millennails world leadershipcurrently  interest WRJC DC correspondents
Kenya -since 1999 africa leading lab for womens and orphans mobile finance (thanks jamii bora!) - twinned with Bangladesh (through 1 Women4Empowerment naila in dc and naila's relationships sir fazle abed, yunus, mit due to first 20 years of directing grameen phone). Naila's main kenyan relation Rachel Ruto and founder of Nanocredit. Rachel Ruto is testing Ethiopia 's and silver spring Africa/Asia continent-wide elearning satellite yazmi. 
Current transparency question - how linkin Ushahidi/ihub safely in spite of noise of obama summit
Rwanda naila's LA  partner athgo stages 6th under 35 tech wizards summit inside world bank aug 12 - also has direct relationships with Kagame. Rwanda is Partners in Health paul farmer/harvard global health gateway to africa- so also gateway to jim kim when he is permitted to value his pre 2012 life's work - his value chain models for sustainability millennials 2030now including his cultural partnerships with franciscan catholics and all goodwill faiths converge lime early october; his longest running billionniaire advisor  george soros reunited by need to help liberia 2014
S.Africa - DC roles as knowledge envoy for mandela extranet - nearly 20 years of taddy blechers free uni and job creating curricula partners( leading cases : branson, maharishi, google africa). Taddys latest half day brief to dc on or around 7 July
Ethiopia - dc's largest diaspora- how represent at I/O given interests of ethiopian americans around silver spring of white house champ tebabu, stefanos, yazmi's noah samara- with extra food value chain interests of eg jerome partners - eg aquaponics
  there is also focus of the billion dollar girls education fund launched un week 2014 led by Fashion4Development friend sir fazle abed - afrtican countries linked by his quarter of that fund are at

Paris african diaspora interests-africa24tv (Nigeria and MIT diaspora) and actfed convergences2015 and hi-trust european partners of global leadership corporate partners of yunus
what are impacts of tech ihubs everywhere given ushahidi africa's lead case in this milennials social world trade; coordinator of world bank diaspora summit also interested in such social world trade spaces as makerfaire and tedx by and for africans (without which eg acumen unlikely to have help lead patient capital movements)
how do all world bank 2030now movements linkin in:
annual africandiaspora summit
continuous young africa society and summit eg yvonee
annual world youth summit eg victoria
african contributiors to annual world bank tedx -eg maya -lead performer dbanj
afrrica contributors to world bank open learning campus partners
(original african society)
links to types of partners paraded by african development bank as main sponsor of africandiaspora summit
  whats relationships between youth movements of Africa, Asia and Americas- how does kims main millennials good news reporter pabsy fit in 

african links to world creative child olympiads- fifth 4year cycle on Mall (White House Ellipse) june 30 to july 3- includes gala dinner debriefing mayflower hotel july 3
 70 nations' teachers and children- lead african delegations uganda and nigeria; lead worldwide delegation china
june 30 japan flies over moderator of ICAF exchanges across Asia and Middle East- son of former president of Toyota and so connected to all adbul latif poverty lab partnerships
related WRJC dialogue briefs

-how can  milennials diaspora trade or strategise direct with china millennials? issues in play summer 2015 include transfer of head of itu from mali to china; jim kims leader at ifc is chinese; 

july 2015 organising goodwill visits with chinese students and ICAF interns eg to beijings tsinghua university and among chinese millennials wishing to share 3 worldwide languages : Chinese, English, Mother Tongue
-Good Hubs Guide - reviews of hubs since emergence out of london of 50 hubs of 2003

best to you all chris macrae bethesda 240 316 8157

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