Wednesday, June 10, 2015

more on diaspora learning curricula -more worldbank (tedx dbanj madhin ...); WB launch summer 2014 Young Africa Society  (worldwide bank millennials filmmaker Pabsy -JK charter of 2030now in association publishers of world record book of job creation 1 2)

 below 24 hour recall of africandisapora morning at world bank

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    AFRICANS IN THE DIASPORA, Please participate - African Diaspora Trade Survey -
diaspora connecting panels top die for
Klaus Tilmes Arup Banerji 
 Amit Dar Grace Kyokunda
 Nii Simmonds

.Kojo Appiah, Co-Founder and Chairman, TAN - The Africa Network
- Linda Oramasionwu, Principal, Kupanda Capital
- Veronica Wabukawo, COO, Sisters Bridal
- Rebecca Enonchong, Founder and CEO, Appstech
- Samiya Edwards, Principal, Libera Partners
- Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Co-Founder and Director, GhanaThink..
. Yomi Alawode, Head of Islamic Finance, World Bank 
Speakers:- Grace Kyokunda, Chief Financial Sector Development Officer, AFDB
- Matt Gamser, CEO, SME Finance Forum, IFC
- Kerry Max, Director, Inclusive Financial Services, Mennonite Economic Development Associates
- Michael Metzler, Director, USAID Development Credit Authority, USAID
- Paul Wade, Deputy Director and Head of Section for Private Sector Development, Norad..

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