Friday, August 28, 2015

rebecca pls phone 2403168157  or meet bethesda or silver spring if any of big 4 african mediated intervention below urgently interest you- sorry unable to be at io hub event yesterday- was taking daughter to college

1 can we openly connect ihubs as africas leading entrepreneur summit hosts with world banks format
1 spent 3 days at world bank youth entrepreneur accelerator run by athgo- in its 10th year it claims to be world banks approved entrepreneur competition facilitator
athgo's founder armin directly runs millennials entrepreneur competitions for kagame rwanda (which before kim left partners in health became their epicentre for all africa community health training)
and while armin is los angeles based our dc region's naila is a co-director of athgo events -every millennials or diaspora summit i attend at world bank fails to connect that summit's leader with parallel ones; i see hubs as the huge opportunity to fix this in parallel to your speech that an ihub is a first point of contact world bank african project coordinators should include if living up to kim's view that only millennials can make 2030 now happen; i think i have found the missing youth coordinator on the 13th floor; how to approach her is urgent collaboration networking question; maybe the ethiopian in world bank who compered diaspora summit and you could ; the internal ability of the world bank to live jim kim's vision is structurally non-existent- even when kim viralises video content of hos own or with tedx costars like dbanj the world banks own coursera curriculum completely exclude him-- helping fix this is biggest opportunity southern diasporas and open learning leaders who link presence through dc will ever have this or any year to contribute to sustainability and net generation being the most creative one; the reason for this is the way communications is used in pr and lobbies is exactly the opposite of the way milliennials networks need to communicate to end poverty bottom-up ; exponential valuation impact metrics of brand valuation are also wrong as my researchers proved while hired by big 5 consultants in the 1990s and guest edited in triple issue of journal of marketing management 1999

2 which african national leaders of first ladies could now unite transform their youth's future with a university of the underprivileged?
2 starting next week, my 8 year long co-worker mostofa has been assigned to 2 year project by dubai rulers on youth summits and universities for underpriviileged youths-  structurally dubai doesnt just have an emerging ihub it has a whole metro "internet city as an emerging ecosystem - the boston model (ie MIT's square mile round kendall metro)
he was co-introduced to this by south africas taddy blecher the leading free university partnerships designer of total educatuon system transformations to create jobs; yazmi is trialling relationship with blecher; blecher has long seen hubs as pivotal - he asked mostofa and i start searching them in 2006- while mostofa was in london and i had lent money to the-hub.net's founder jonathan robinson - dubai and chinese friends want job and tech youth hubs connected across the world- what is is role in this and urgent for me is do you have favorite silicon valley hub relationships; i know which chinese diaspora women most linkin and will go with that unless guided elsewhere

3 taking back millennials UN  -leadership to replace inequality of women by mobile women4empowerment as core collab process of sustainability goals with a little help from fans of pope francis and other whole truth faith/peace leaders
3 women have an opportunity like no other to support jim kim , pop francis or any real empowerment curricula- the next 6 weeks will be critical- for example will one of the 2 women who could most change sustainability goals by and women be elected next un secretary general- and if so what will yazmi's relationships be with their activist alumni network; in case of candidate bachelet she is asking yazmi can a learning satellite be reconnected from the americas and will this issue be included in world bank start year meetings out of lima peru in early october; in case of the candidate who changes how un selects university partners to value women empowerment and nanotech for the poor, naila's first ladies networks led out of africa by rachel ruto and mrs toure wife of former itu president are on that case and friends of yazmi also have long standing connections with the kerala meta-hub of all these partnerships gravitated arounf amma.org

4 mirror mirror on the wall what can african owned satellites out of silver spring do for youth www  empowerment of 21st C NOW?
4 monday morning event hoisted br dr ranga at www.yazm.comi explores whether cameroon schools  can be a leading organic content developer for ages 6 to 11; our other 3 ,main sources for that age group are also operationally connected by ranga - 1 round amma, 2 round indian orghanages already with tablet content, 3 mostofa and my great friends in lucknow who run worlds largest school by being epicentre of montessori-gandhi style eduvation systems and unesco's only awarded peace curriculum

chris macrae n.bethesda  www.economistafrica.com   satellite alumni networks  publishers world record book of jobs creation

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