the first human beings probably evolved out of africa around ethiopia 160000-200000 year ago -welcome to our roots and most of our genetics !! one woman with enough daughters mitochondria

FOCAC :: 6th in 2015; news; 7th in beijing in 2018 -chinese notes on africa rsvp linkedin UNwomens - whats on next on africa's diary that needs to be logged at

Africa in beijing latest apl zimbabwe 1 2; mar senegal namimbia us hub china-africa

Discuss next 100 bn $ of African Infrastucture Investment... 018 rising//Outlook//Continuing Entrepreneurial Revolution Curriculum of The Economist's Norman Macrae 10 sept 1923 to 11 June 2010

breaking 2018 -help accra stage africa's and the world's greatest jobs creating education summit

#theeconomist #BR9 congratulatuon's africa's nobel ;peace winner Dr Denis Mukwege, a gynaecologist from the Democratic Republic of Congo - so much so many could learn from your solutions network

Dr. Denis Mukwege is a surgeon, gynecologist and women’s rights activist. He founded the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu in 1999 as a clinic for gynaecological and obstetric care, and expected to be working on issues of maternal health. Since 1999, however, Dr. Mukwege and his staff have helped to care for more than 40,000 survivors of sexual violence, which has made him the world’s leading expert on ‘repairing’ the internal physical damage caused by (gang) rape

- special thanks to South Africa's Taddy Blecher for being first educator to celebrate Norman Macrae remembrance party ; special thanks to sir fazle abed for being the greatest educator to remember Norman and his wonderful microfranchise-0 adolesecent girls jobs clubs across BRAC in Africa;

special thanks to 4 chinese female graduates for updating Norman's belief that the sustainability of all global youth will depend on china's education leadership , Kissinger 30 year celebration of the 150 person network of Chinese Americans who love both countries futures of youth and QuarterBillionGirls can share their story of what the human race needs to celebrate now. Africa undp reports

Saturday, March 19, 2016

how can youth exchanges sustain 1 billion chinese and 1 billion franciscan and UN???4 billion of african descent by 2100 and ...

Do Next of people known to me- maximise (ihub) impact for youth on naila's next meet in new york with  kenya's 2nd lady rachel ruto early april (sam/amy does emerald planet include water stories- ruto only briefing to me was to research water solutions for kenyas poorest village mothers and )

-question what manny and john want to do about connections of conscious youth africa diaspora
-this week arrange meeting at naila's with amy, frances and stefanos

frances is miss america nigeria- she connects monday's conscientious youth networks of kiehl and manny with desire to empower female youth entrepreneur competitions- she is studying consequences of obamas last global entrepreneur summit out of stanford in june -previous one was out of kenya- first one was what west entrepreneurs could learn from east entrepreneurs- stanford is also home base of chilicon valley friendships linked in for 25 years by amy's friend and leading architect billy

frances is purposefully motivated for any mentoring by naila, manny, john or amy; nigerian entrepreneurs were the most revolutionary at the mit legatum summit i attended 2012 hosted by naila's original partner 1996 of grameen phone iqbal quadir now mainly funded by Dubai's legatum- quadir family network includes the original coder of cashless banking mpesa kenya and the coder of the world's number 1 cashless bank Home | bKash of BRAC- mostofa last week arranged that any of us can visit any time the son of sir fazle abed who is now responsible for future of brac as world's biggest and most collaborative NGO,  and bkash- for 4 years now sir fazle abed has been the senior end poverty leader celebrating norman macrae remembrance parties and has been asking mostofa and I and Fashion for Development  what elearning has to do with continuing to open space brac as WISE's number 1 education laureate

ethiopians are dc's number 1 african diaspora- frankly they have stabbed amy's visa access in the back more times than I can count with the exception of stenfanos whose brother organises addis abba's leading coders hub- fortunately yazmi as a prime example of destroying sustainable youth's capital has also stabbed naila and rachel ruto in the back!
further details on obamas last choice of entrepreneur teachers


Chen, Frank
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz [biography]
Twitter: @withfries2
Collison, Patrick [biography]
Cheif Executive Officer, Stripe
Twitter: @CPatrick @Stripe
Dell, Michael [biography]
Chief Executive Officer, Dell
Twitter: @MichaelDell
Dyson, Esther [biography]
Principal, EDVentures
Twitter: @edyson / @HICCup_co
Kreiger, Mike [biography]
Founder, Instagram
Twitter: @MikeYK
Lee, Claire [biography]
Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
Twitter: @Claire0h
Levine, Marne 
Chief Operating Officer, Instagram
Instagram: @MarneLevine
McClure, Dave [biography]
Founder, 500 StartUps
Twitter: @davemcclure / @500Startups
Meeker, Mary [biography]
Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Linkedin: Mary Meeker
Palihapitiya, Chamath [biography]
Founder, Social Capital
Twitter: @chamath / @SocialCapital
Pfund, Nancy [biography]
Managing Partner, DBL Partners
Twitter: @NancyPfundDLB
Porat, Ruth [biography]
Chief Financial Officer, Google
Twitter: @google
Check back for updates

chris macrae value system templates of youth sustainability's brands and leaders since 1996

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