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Discuss next 100 bn $ of African Infrastucture Investment... 018 rising//Outlook//Continuing Entrepreneurial Revolution Curriculum of The Economist's Norman Macrae 10 sept 1923 to 11 June 2010

breaking 2018 -help accra stage africa's and the world's greatest jobs creating education summit

#theeconomist #BR9 congratulatuon's africa's nobel ;peace winner Dr Denis Mukwege, a gynaecologist from the Democratic Republic of Congo - so much so many could learn from your solutions network

Dr. Denis Mukwege is a surgeon, gynecologist and women’s rights activist. He founded the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu in 1999 as a clinic for gynaecological and obstetric care, and expected to be working on issues of maternal health. Since 1999, however, Dr. Mukwege and his staff have helped to care for more than 40,000 survivors of sexual violence, which has made him the world’s leading expert on ‘repairing’ the internal physical damage caused by (gang) rape

- special thanks to South Africa's Taddy Blecher for being first educator to celebrate Norman Macrae remembrance party ; special thanks to sir fazle abed for being the greatest educator to remember Norman and his wonderful microfranchise-0 adolesecent girls jobs clubs across BRAC in Africa;

special thanks to 4 chinese female graduates for updating Norman's belief that the sustainability of all global youth will depend on china's education leadership , Kissinger 30 year celebration of the 150 person network of Chinese Americans who love both countries futures of youth and QuarterBillionGirls can share their story of what the human race needs to celebrate now. Africa undp reports

Friday, April 8, 2016

frances, and friends of nigeria and globalyouth

 while personally i have a  communityyouth valuation bias towards bottom-up, girl empowerment system designs of sustainability economics, which can then be replicated worldwide through suitable mobile wizardry and community-trusted open spaces and hackathons --- and transform education systems to be youth-led  
 i do marvel at one fun dinner meeting convened around global Nigerians at MIT who mapped a wholly different plan

most of them have fallen out of touch but who knows maybe they would reconnect with a compatriot like you - or maybe together with naila and others they will share their latest progress  (the dinner party was hosted circa 2012 by naila's 1996 mit and dubai (legatum bank) technology founding partner in grameen phone the quadir family who these days linkin the mobile futures of brac as world's largest partner in girl empowerment whose founding family amy and mostofa revisit in a couple of weeks)

the nigerian idea - own a satellite tv company across the continent which searches for the continent industry leader sector by sector whose market purpose is sustainably best for all the peoples -africa's conscious capitalism if you will

idea creators africa24tv constant nemale and yacine barro (she previously worked with the cellnet billionniare mo ibrahim until he developed his prize for national african leaders that actually retire leaving their country in a better youth state than when they came to power) Africa24 | La première chaîne mondiale d'information pour l'Afrique -hq paris about 80 journalists on the case 24 hours a day

in parallel at mit on the ground co-host emeka okafor with acumen's jaq novogratz main hosts of ted africa,--- and in emeka's case makers movements africa and usa

sector leaders 
alexandra graham  pharmaceuticals

africa's ibm of computing consultancy austin okere

nigeria's para medics Flying Doctors Nigeria. Ola Orekunrin a nigerian brit who trained in japan to become the youngest flying doctor

- other guests at the table - former president of ecuador rosalia and host of first annual review of whether UN goal 11 sustainable cities and communities is integrating actions of  global youth quito oct 2016

there is also an imposing security guy called steve hightower- somehow he made his fortune driving oil tankers all over the continent- he attended atlanta's last 4 years of trying to liberate all historically black students through annual entrepreneurship summits- he used to tell me over a beer, he didnt quite understand the format but one day would sponsor something 10 times more impactful - i dont know if he meant that - i have no knowledge of nigeria other than a great uncles unfinished mission - somehow he planted community goodwill in south korea before world war 2 and nigeria in the first 20 years after world war 2 -no wonder he called his last report mission unfinished 

Hightowers Petroleum recognized as top supplier | www ... › News
Dayton Daily News
Jan 24, 2015 - Steve Hightower, owner of Hightowers Petroleum Company. ... Last year, Hightowers joined a trade mission to Ghana and Nigeria with U.S. ...

cheers chris macrae and
 last night #africainnovatedc at Interntaional Finance Corporation

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