Tuesday, April 26, 2016

yuxuan -pls confirm is this the liberia all africa youth summit you are concerned with - and if so are the dates 25-29 november 2016 definite 

this week in dhaka we learmt that liberiing youth africa summit is one of the 2 biggest "jobs" of the year of amy and motsofa good friend yuxuan from tsingua whose shared experience with amy in dc starts from creative children summit networks whose key chiense elder is billy at stanford

by some kind of accident i have attended at least 3 major young africa diaspora lauch summits hosted by world bank africans

i would suggest 2 things
the next event in the young african series frances, amy and i attend so i can try and hand over any connections i have previously made

at the last event i attended there was an all africa youth portal launch addis ideas - please see this google on otes on how this emerging

liberia is a key country of brac and of george soros who funds brac work there and who nominate sir fazle as his 20th open society laureate in a ceremony hosted out of the george soros owned university in budapest- this october soros university host a youth summit on grassroots economics

so how can we all help each other on these flows?


From: WBG-IMF Young African Society <wbgimfyoungafricansociety@worldbank.org>
To: chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 
Sent: Tuesday, 26 April 2016, 11:07
Subject: THANK YOU for Attending our Africa Innovate DC Series (April 2016)



Dear YAS Community,

We would like to extend a BIG thank you to you all for attending and making our April 2016 Professional Networking Happy Hour a success! This event was very well attended. We noticed not only your enthusiasm and energy in networking with other similar minded individuals, but also the attendance and contribution of Africa-loving individuals from around the world who support the continent and its diaspora. 

We hope to see all and more of you and your friends/acquaintances at our next Africa Innovate DC Series and happy hour events this May. Please do keep an eye out and RSVP as soon as you receive our communications on this, to reserve a seat. Also:

- Click the blue box above to sign up to become a member of the YAS Community and stay abreast with upcoming events at: https://goo.gl/forms/YietswTA3r
- Please follow the Young Africans For Development Facebook Page for more info and to stay connected (https://www.facebook.com/YAfricans4dev/)
- "You just might be the next Bill Gates in the making..." And the next featured business in the Africa Innovate DC Series could be yours! Send us information about your idea at wbgimfyoungafricansociety@worldbank.org or include your idea on the signup page mentioned above.

Stay tuned for more details...
YAS Organizing Committee

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