Thursday, March 9, 2017

in new york wed afternoon and thursday next week
do any of these questions interest you -if so who should we try to meet if you are in town?

q1 whether brooklyn maximises youth in development, african dispora, womens networks now that 1776 has come to town

q1a whether baltimore model around king and friends is the most collaborative for any supercity space that african american entrepreneurs want to conscious maximise networks through 

q2 can we linkin tech geniuses and engineering schools - kiehls friend jose has a world class fab lab in ny; we still havent worked out action connections with mit, columbia uni , nyu

q2a do black americans want to be one of lead exchange groups of 1000 students travelling every 4 months to college in china that daniel works for

q2b while the education commission headquartered in new york has spent most time since september on uganda and malawi - its not been connecting positive tech groups - i know who is in new york at World Possible 

i learnt on tuesday that the commission is spending a whole week in kenya early may - that will probably be the last time to impact what EC consequences on africa are -since so many people are piling into the ec to try and add to the financial gravy train - too few are exploring education change- this is being done by wise instead - fortunately wise is compiling ever better maps of who can help future of jobs education in africa even as education commission seems to be spiralling the wrong way

the commission hasnt linked in the worldwide movement on peer to peer adolescent health even after any years of research at lancet and presentation at youth in development by george patton- its disconnecting all the girls clubs brac had helped found across africa; 

frankly there are so many places around the world other than africa where i understand who I am working with that unless african diaspora sort out what they want to do with tech in education in africa very soon - i see no point banging my head against washington's false models of aid in africa when at least the east has smart ones  

its also failing to be of any interest to jack ma or the leading edge issues that g20 youth networkers aim to innovate across latin cultures in 2018 and india's coding culture sin 2019- india and africa have the same sort of crosis in yterms of only tech china change schools fast enough- the world bank knowledge fest that prita and steve and i attended 2 weeks ago mainly got the wrong end of the stick on this - a serious problem as the world bank is currently writing up its first ever report on education as being core toi development

amy and you never presented plan back in spite of so many multipliers that had been conne cetd through world bank youth in development crowdfunding, challenge presented  by 30 national leaders admitting half of youth will be unemployable unless we open space change around youth, connections with african youth empowerment summkit lout of liberia were not made or at least not reported back in any way that could have informed hubs in us cities that i pass through

this is the most critical time of year if we are to brief hundreds of student unions on liberty they could be connecting when they come back for year of 2017-2018 - 

stephanie if you are not in ny next week is there anyone in dc or baltimore king and I should be talking to whom you see as advancing same values as you want

thank you chris macrae  240 316 8157
please consider populating george soros new economics space 

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