Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sino africa breakthrough - japan company brings mobile ultrasound to africa- 10 ties cheaper only practical device where electricity unrelaible or non existent - fortunately basic ultrasound so old that its off patent

[2:01 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: in washington dc the main news i watch is from japan - their main news had 10 minute segment on the africa ticad conference - here are somne notes -japan is very focused on research of how can it help afr8ica and continue momentum at the un - so what i need is to put in one document any news from ticad whgere we want to see if we can get more details and japan presents this art un-also if anyine has a country misison to un contact ;point who may want to meet japan people in new york then understanding who that is ahead of toime helps
[2:01 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: From yokohama ticad
Good evening – discussing dev of Africa and what rile japan will play alongside intl organisations
Abe gave opening address and highlighted ho japan investment can benefit the continent “japans private sector investment has reached 20 billion dollars over last 3 year , gov will  make every effort to strengthen that momentum
Abe pledged to help Japanese companies invest in Africa
And development of edu systems across continent especially in science and maths
And japan will provide training to 3000 young people to work in Japanese and African business
First ticad took place more than 25 years– abe pointed to japans long term relationship with aftrica built on partnership
[2:04 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: anchor
One of the themes of this year ticad economic transformation through private investment and innovation -africa has become a treasure trove of innovation – investment in new business to  1.1 bn 2018 – 4fold increase since 2025

What makes some countries attractive to invest in
Smartphone is becoming indispensible in Kenya -kenya has more than 100% penetration internet access almost everywhere – solar panels are used to power – the rapid dev teltech has given rise to new businesses – historically many people in cities dont have maolboxes_ --mobile changes rule of game people can get develeries wherever their gps is
Distribution system opportunities afre huge
Japan entrepreneur  terakubo runs an investment park – japan business invested 3 mn $ in thus hub
[2:06 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: something that has been difficult for people in tghe past is deliveries of propane gas - edeliveries helping with this
[2:06 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: honds has a schem where people can pay for mlotorbikes on installment - the monthly frate is adjusted to how good tehio9r business is each month
[2:07 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: e-agriculture is a big opportunity
[2:07 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: in the past lots of farmers produce rotted in warehoses
[2:09 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: now one jaopanse whole saler buys direct from farmers - tehy snd mobile photos to a databk he colects which helsp him organsaie when to make colections - sure of sales some framers have xpanded 5 fold production with him - he's started with the main crop red onions which is a local fav for value
[2:09 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: he expecst to extend from kenya to tanzania
[2:09 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: some of the applications kenyans are codining eg telehealth may one day be used in remeote japan locations
[2:09 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: so there is a lot to look at
[2:10 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: there is another major report on friday from japan tv- if you see reporets from otehr sourecs please send them during teh weekend lates- i will try and make one overall newslegtter and see if japan friends can add to it
[2:11 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: if you have better idea on how to get in the middle of sharing this information please suggest
[2:11 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: i dont have too much time and i woujld prefer my japan contacs on africa to start chattomg with ypou directly but we have to show we have something that interests them
[2:12 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: at least japans summit is more useful than the g7
[2:13 PM, 8/28/2019] Chris Macrae: also guiterres did attend ticad and its reported he and abe are in good sync with each others sdg concerns etc

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