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sino-magreb algeria tunisia morocco to tidy

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You can find Prof Zoubir’s recent papers on the topic here: Yahia H. Zoubir, “China’s ‘Health Silk Road’ Diplomacy in the MENA,” Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Med Dialogue Series No. 27, Research Paper, (solicited), July 2020, pp. 1-14. https://www.kas.de/documents/282499/282548/MDS_China+Health+Silk+Road+Diplomacy.pdf/

Yahia H. Zoubir, “Expanding Sino–Maghreb Relations: Morocco and Tunisia,” Chatham House Research Paper, February 2020. https://www.chathamhouse.org/publication/expanding-sino-maghreb-relations-morocco-and-tunisia  -nb also all french africa nistory

long relations china and part of magreb morocco algeria tunisia
importance and non importsance of mabreg-china relations- part of positive med sea relations but not the main world trade routes

of course morocco also faces atlanta

from 2013 china consisten mena policy

china-magreb trade 13 billion extend to egypt abourt 27 billion small versus magreb trade with europe
curremtly algeria key country

magreb looks at china as different from western hurried view of arab spring

all of egypt magrep part of www.aiibnews.com

knowledge of infratstructure is what magreb is critical for these states- all of thesestates had their own programs but needed non-conmditional-on-politics support

also wanted advice on building 21st c cultural supersites of main cities

over to muhammad -egyptfound great hope in belt road initiative
2014 signed 25 bilaterla aggreemnets and visited china 6 simes in 6 years - so good hi level relationship egypt and china

flagship project in egpt today new capital smart city 50 miles east of cairo
intitally iraq investors - when that failed from 2015 egypt stareted to look to china
cscse and egypt yps and down
china fortune land 2016-18 up and down
carious chinese bank

absolute egypt priority for new capital but complexity for china- led by economics relations sustained nbe leadership personalitieschina is egyps biggest trade partner -egypt 3 times as much debt to china as next country marocco

suez canal economic zone- egypt set this up for open intel - tida invested in it -up to one thord of zone by tida/china becuase other countries didnt take up opp
over to shanghai dr zan - 

from china viewpoint relatively little =nationalknowledge in magreb vs south-saharan

egyp is vital relationship but hasnt been easy

dramatic inflation within china- some prices in shanghai now more than in london

chinese enterprises in algeria now increasingly prefer local staff because of cost

fierce infrastructure competition - also places like turkey now suppliers to magreb infrastructure

prestige of belt road projects douuble edged sword for the actual chinese companies- leaders reputations won or lopst

from china's perspective eg railways make sense- from african countrues want hi-tech supercity design advice
traditionally china wated to build africa relatioships without rest of world politics- china doesnt want to be draggen into euro-africa politics

nb nafrica china is not essential to world trade same way neighboring countrues
4th view emily from hk

confirm views of first 3 speakers
no stronghold of china in maggreb - china understands 4th to euro, arab and us in magreb

shaes of investnment in construction, telemocs, textiles - in algeria china might beat french in manufacturing due to lack of tech from france

culturally old history of magreb- and europe 

euro-magreb 1960-1990 trade agreement

by 1990s end of cold war, new era of magreb-euro- the barcelona euromed process to mid 2000s- diverisification environment etc but promises from euro to help democratisation not fulfilled

since late 200s pact on ent look at root causes of instability in region- euro investment bank and euro bank of revonstruction and development
so not 4th stage beyond barcelona proces sectors of interes depoluting med, cooperation renewable enegies, coop higher education

not how different the stafes are

5th and 6th stages coming in cultura dialofues - nb franca as main colonial player - deauville partership- institutional sarchitecture of eu

so china is not iming to change these regioan priorities

mahmoud and emily

-------more recent health silk road 10th silk road
9th student /culture exchanges see eg silk roas chamber commerce

63 first med mission if cnina to algeria- france had left and algeria called on china
china med missions in magreb for many years
number of chinese kids delivered by chinese doctors

nb maggreb states sent mask to china and the china reciprocated - health diplomacy is core to vhina- notion community of shaed destiny

regional reciprpcity over 9 months -qatar only airline that kept flyig to china
even israel very happy medica reciprocity

euro so inward initially even intra europe - mena lot of dgratitude chia help
then eu started criticisng china - diffeence peoples views and political supremo

soft flows
confucius institure

geration yz
shanhai view public opinion varies- tunisia62% pos moroco 49% egyp lowr
peoplev with weaker economc ties want more connection with china

peoples may assume china too close to their owbn countries authoritarians

impact of entertainment cultires on peoples in africa

muhammad soft power
what about chinese bilingual education

covid diplomacy egypt dispated minsterof health to beijing in march - key point of pride in egypt supporting reciprocity

where next value chains mix up after covi, tech wats etc
chu chu 
tech war is more comlex than westmediview - dev countries need china tech - west not even offering it
china we'll work wherepeople wanbt us
africa in good positionto hedge over tech - also watch mid-east use of tech

african countries understand when you use american gps you can also beome us drone targeys

smart of magrepb to hedge
huawei is also a huge training netwrk independent of hardware

to need to develop and free from empire is big thing - if china helps with tha magreb will join in

egypt massive seat of islam learning opp and threat
chinese investemts in etiopia nterestin- while egyp in dispute with ethiopia over dam- watch this flashpoint

look at who messenger is in bringing up rights issue-preposterous that trump brings up one group of muslim rights versus his destruction of 50 other muslim groups rights

CHINA RELATIONS WITH TURKEY DEPENDS on turkey relations with mid east - middle corridor

electroniv equpmnt imports from china - exports oil, marble, largest bilateral trade deficit
most ministries in egypt dont know wjat other ministries are doing so debt figures also unclear conversely no interlocutor in china

egypt debt diversified most to intl orps like imf then gulf countries then 28 vs 17 then 14 in bonds only then bilatera national loans
yahor zoubir
algerian uprising seen as local matter until eu took a position - china clarified its not our place- last thing china wants is urgent repatriation as per libya 35000 chinese

emily- can china help with diversification of influences in magreb - eu ignored africa versus other border problems

yahia zoubit king mohamed speech 2016 - letsdiversify
2 economic progrms in morooc from china welcome

can bri softenimpact of post covid world

chuchu - zhang- strenghten tie is geonomic participation braodly understood- china has evolutioary maps-why not make your benefits from it

china has recent dev experience - why not benefit from this

emilie tran- europe comptive plan to belt road - but why? mabregb countries can play both

yahia zoubitr until ,agreb get their own economis clear its a muddle partnering them anyhow
tunisia - not succeeded investment in eg grren or future sustsiining 
diversifixation, reform

mohamed - missing element - good coomunication of each party's strategi interest botrh trade, development global respct

egypt has chartered what it really wants and hiw to jointly drive relationship