Tuesday, August 17, 2021

cataloguing how diaspora can help all of africa

version 8.2021

 8.2021.1 back all true partners of mastercard foundation billion dollar matched fund to make africa vaccine self-sufficient in production and last mile distribution 

confession i am upset that biden says usa spent a trillion dollars on training afghanistan army and next to nothing training women... so forgive me if the next para isnt as african as it needs to be- in this highly connected world i see superpowering over separate nation strategies as extremely dangerous for africa but maybe i just dont get how tech is being used for humans - for some hope see un #aiforgood

8.2021.2 whilst i certainly don't believe womens only role is community health building, i havent seen nations leap from least developed to normal life expectancy without women leading last mile health care services - always interested in ths debate- historians may know it goes bac to 1200 if not earlier- at that time italy's st francis declared his favorite male followers spread ecological solutions wherevers they networked roman empires relationships and women spread communal health- he named the clares network as word leader in this; francis arranged meeting with all muslim nations italy connected with and at that time franciscans and muslims agreed on these values; if we cant return to this idea wherever two or more cultures interct, is there any chance of youth being the sdg generation

8.2021.3 by mid september we'll will know if one of the largest farmers coops on the continent - ethiopia coffee has worked out a virtual channel model that any african countries lead export crop can apply so that farmers get a living wage = ask for updates and check out whether bcorp movements unite in showing business models that do good for all peoples - follow eg references to blessed coffee

8.2021.4 eyes on zambia's new president seldom has an african country been led by a chartered accountant- if ever we need to unite  continent around sustainability accounting , now's the timr

8.2021.5 the united nations celebrated its 75th birthday with a catalogue of fintech models by and for the peoples- one example zimbabwe piloting a stockmarket for community and medium enterprises; how do all like minded entrepreneurs apply stock markets for thriving communities instead of those that hollow out communities(nb how wall street reaches new highs at same time as covi19 does- somethings not humanly right)

8.2021.6 glasgow has entered its 11th year of adam smith scholars journal on world class social business networks; before and after ecop26 in november- how do we unite scotts under 30s with african under 30s as first sustainability generation- if you sustain an africa youth movement or superstars mental health write me chris.mactae@yahoo.co.uk and i will match you with the appropriate people at adamsmith.app

8.2021.7 back at the turn of the millennium one of the happiest movements i ever seen in my life started mapping new universities which share their alumni and missing lessons on sustainability actions - africa has been a leadr in this though lead nations have zig zagged- we believe ghana's ashesi is currently hosting collaboration debates among candidate new universities on the contint and across continents

8.2021.8 - a decade ago every american social entrepreneur and usaid and jpmorgan were celebrating kenya as having pioneered slum youth microbanking in bog cities- today the movements ownership by youth's end-slu netwokers has disappeared- can new models financing youth to build forward africa post-covid be found? if not where does the continent doubling its population from about 1 billion to 2 billion -every continent may have a different most urgent question of the u's sustainability decade -are we correct in mapping this as africa's most urgent need for systems and infrastructure changes; if so which other continents or sub-continents have both the money and love to map this - eg will the uae play a leading #aiforgood role

8.2021.9 tech is changing so fast that empowerinf its apps by and for the peoples is part of our last best chance lets hope the un stands for that even if this means yellow carding nations whp dont empoer girls and boys- whats the role of every nations superstars in this - can we learn from japans tremendous courage and openness tokyo 2020 - next japan stage africa ticad; next world stage kyoto expo as relay with uae expo starting oct 2021 for 6 months

8.2021.10 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/africas-wicked-healthcare-problems-how-fix-them-ola-brown/

this african lady -she grew up in uk and trained in japan - has the most inspiring solutions for healthcare in africa i have come across https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bold-vision-african-healthcare-2021-ola-brown/ does anyone know how to reach out to her- i heard her speak once at mit in an event compered by iqbal quadir and part funded by reeta roy of mastercard foundation who has arranged billion dollar fund for africans to do their own vaccination ;