Friday, September 2, 2022

metahappy - dont know about you but our reserach shows majoiry of humans struggling since start of earlier

 roughly monthy we serach out a metahappy youtube- perhaps web 3 peopels can unite around humns deepest joys &sdgoals - sure i know likes of john lennon dreamed of this in 1960s but if we cannot action happier global connectivity in 2020s then by neumann's theorem our species may be going the way of the dodo (neumann's theorem  conveyed the greatest matehematicians generation risk stochastics that humans everwhere needed to cooperate in more exponential good (above zero sume exchnages) with 100/times more tech per decade than bad - he tried to make his last decade exemplary 1947-1957 (and demanded economist journalists take up the scoop) after all he had been forced to work on bad of the atom bomb race for most of his working life; jfk seemed to pick up his baton - moon race in space , interdependece race on earth - but lot of zigs and zags since- pesronally i cant explain as a maths guy I acnt explain why ai was not more advanced in preventing pandemics given many of the great and good saw it as number 1 use case in 2005

anyhow forward to the metahappy 

may sdgmetaverseprize.org plus launched year round competition tech alumni of un and xprize & LA teens & Rwanda Young Africans future

may tsai hk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noTy91bVep8

july special plus leader of ed3dao launched at nft nyu and ...

july bloomberg crypto

previously and others tp cajse down

24 hour metaverse fetsival out of nertherlands

dec 2021 thailand metalucia

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