Friday, December 31, 2010

jamii bora wonderful in 2010 - vanished after queen sofia's microcredtsummit in valladolid

 lets remember the greay times as they were in 2010 when kenya's jamii bora was asked to host the world's microcreditsummit which had since 1997 cheered so many communities on but also started to rapidly  diaappear after subprime- ironically big banking was refunded those with least to do with obscene global mortgage crises were punished or left our of big orgs games- amazing how little interest obama showed - his father a kenya; his mother one of indonesia's greats in microfinacing - see also jim kim barack obama 2012 job interview reported at freakonomics

Friday, December 17, 2010

pr3 multiple projects connecting 10 day visit of lesley to jb in february

more details to come from les in due course

pr2 jamii bora radio

find out more about what this is and how it may or may not connect with what

the-hub means by tv

what brac means tv - an urgen priority when I meant tania zaman

what muftah benomran means by tv - sugested action jonathan in london (muftah is putting many miollions of sheik money into training small entrepreneurs through new multimedia - company name noble tv - his day job builds massive construction in middle east region http://www.omagine.com/ - i first met muftah in meetings I paid for at hub 2005; and muftah was at the 40 person collaboration pledge to share urgent sustainability networks

with who else mentioning tv (or you tube eg the million hits of chris temple http://onedollaraday.weebly.com/ chris is also conected with the yunus pop group http://thegreenchildtren.org/ who made tehir second pop video with ingrid; I also know mosyt filmakers of yunus

gordon dryden doen an annual 2 day radithon with new zealand schools - see eg http://www.grameen.tv/2009.05.01_arch.html#1241983672539 thorough this means teenagers are encouraged to discuss next billion dolar market they can launch out of new zealand; the experiemnts goirdon succeds with in NZ find teiur way to china where 10 million people read gordons book http://www.thelearningweb.net/

the group of people in germany an dusa that hans excluded from yunus includes erich (who coukld have found yunsu 20 ceo partners by now) and one of erich's german employees who is the of te ceo of scout 24 itself a tech subsidiary of deutsh telecom

when in summer 2009 I thought sb summit was buiklding the m osty open summit ion world (ie in paralel to microcreditsummit) and reintroduced huge yunus suppporter alan weber (founder of fast company which he sold off; alan is now san francsicio based); weber compered first social busiess summit only to blame me afterwards for hans being the most maddening person he had ever had to compere a stage for

whilst jamii bora may not be overly connecetd with all infotech for poor projects, this is a useful space to start tabling elads already established

all infotech for poor projects need to be reconnected in annual summit not led by hans; I am writing a letter to craig barrett (yunus intel) to see if he can help; there are a;lso connections through botrje iin stocholm to Asian Institute of Tech; I have paid eselle and mostofa to do research on infotech for poor; I know well yunus chief operating officer of teck projects Kazi Islam; I wish to reconnect with MIT newtorks at same time petyer ryan's micrloafoundation reconnects its mit networks; ian ryder who was at dads partys is director of british computing society after a lifetime of directorships in top tech companies eg hewlett packard

ultimately wish to connect bbc anbd tech media along lines of dads 1984 scenario Changing economics

we still dont know if eg anne duffill is for real with her ibm terminals god news projects and her various leads into bbc and other media

please add other links into what this may connect to

The Economist ahs pretty cool investments in audio web http://audiovideo.economist.com/?fr_story=148a31344f7ecd896d854369eb1b9b8bf4751a88&rf=podcast

the 31000 studnets of the school run by my gandhi family friends out of lucknow have tehir own radio stations http://cmseducation.org/ http://jagdishgandhi.org/

the bronx university has a cable tv where it lets yunus fans on (incliuding me!); its also relvant as part of the CNUY ? network of secondary NY universities which Monica Yunus http://www.singforhope.org/ is trying to partner

david frost head interviewer at london bureau of al jazeera is a great yunus fan and probably has one huge 2010s story in him

my frienjd john caswell www.grouppartners.net in st james street would know a lot more about mobile information channels -suget that one of you tow ses him soon; hes been doing quite a lot of work in s.africa too

p1 Fundraise so Jamii Bora Team can visit Johannesburg Hub & Skoll Conference

Likely trip dates
Johanessburg Hub
Skoll Conference
Date Started 17 Dec2010
Project leader lesley; supporters jonathan chris

eta first version of proposal 23 december

requested sub-actions: : jonathan tio contact elkington to see if he and volans will support hub as lead partner in this- given elkington knows all the top pe0ople at skoll (CA & Oxford (Pamela Hartigan)) and at word economic forum (Klaus Schwab, Switzerland) - 2 of te 3 main social entrepreneur networks along with DC-based ashoka; like hub , elkington is part of yunus 1000 bookclub (20 books); 450 of which have been sampled in Dc through results to congress and through georegtown to the compass student club of social business

note - chris knows top brass at ashoka quite well but not skoll; norman macrae helped launch wef in its early days; however klaus organsiation refused to sample yunus book 1 at wef2008 saying they never did sample books only to sample book by elkington and hartigan