Saturday, March 31, 2012

march 2012 is taddy blecher monthe

please help us make scrapbook of taddy blechers latest collaborations as world record jobs creator with youth
this month he was kind enough to guest at 3rd annual norman macrae remembrance party

here's a typical dialogue of taddy's actions
deliverables of South Africa's Job-Creating educator networks -Blecher partners such as Branson and google - include
National virtual small business and entrepreneurship support services being developed and provided:
University in your Pocket: accessible through any web-enabled cell-phone, computer, or tablet
1. Access to Free Business relevant Education Materials: accredited and registered educational
materials for a MBA, BBA, Post-graduate diploma, Certificate in Management, and 50 skills
courses free of charge in partnership with Regenesys, the largest Private Business School in SA.
This initiative was launched in Nov 2012, and over 350,000 individuals have accessed the site since.
2. Free online National Certificate in Entrepreneurship to existing small businesses (2 years or older)
a. Plan to launch in partnership with UCT (University of Cape Town) Graduate School of Business (GSB), who will provide the qualification
b. 1-year accredited and recognized Certificate alongside a well-developed business plan will be
recognized by large banks and government agencies in SA to access financing
c. Entrepreneurship curriculum to also be offered to traditional skills delivery entities and other
intermediaries (Universities, Colleges, and Further Education and Training institutions)
d. SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) and CHE (Council on Higher Education)
accredited and registered
e. “Price of Entry”, small business to provide extensive information (will build critically lacking
information around small business sector)
3. Free online accredited education for new businesses (and very early stage businesses) to be
provided in partnership with Lean Start-up Method
National Virtual Incubator Services:
1. Access to Markets: Woza Online “Free websites” initiative, launched Jan 2012 to provide free
websites for small businesses in partnership with Google. Over 1 million mentions on Google, and
65,000 small businesses already assisted. Case studies on 1,000 of these being tracked.
2. Access to Finance: Initiative still needing funding and to be launched in Feb 2014, as a national
finance solution for small business, providing knowledge of all loan and financial support products
offered by any provider (government or private sector) in the hands of every SMME, as well as actual
access to finance, ongoing financial literacy, and financial support. Core funding by eg USAID.
This tool will include a free financial accounting package, using single entry accounts in, so that all
small businesses looking for capital, can produce comprehensive income statements, balance
sheets, cashflow statements, etc.
3. Business Mentorship: Master class series over the internet: video streaming onto cell-phones and
computers, by leading entrepreneurs (including the Patrons) as well as experts in pertinent matters
for small businesses (tax; vat; financial statements; financial management; government tenders;
marketing; strategy, etc.)
4. Business Information: new National Portal under development to support small businesses– one
stop shop –any small business anywhere can access information, education, support, mentorship
Over 100 legal contracts and standard agreements for hiring and so on to support small businesses
5. National Support: National call centre: to support entrepreneurs country-wide
6. Predictive Analysis Tool: Predictive analytical tool to assess likelihood of survival and growth,
based on a 7-year study. In discussions with African Bank, SEFA (Small Enterprise Funding Agency),
SEDA, IDC, and the 4-big banks to recognize these qualifications and provide access to funding for
both individuals for exam fees, and for businesses needing capital for their business plans
7. Access to Broadband: Creating partnerships with the 2 largest cell-phone network operators
(Vodacom and MTN) to donate data (internet access) for the initiative as part of CSI programme
[3/24/2014 9:38:39 AM] chrismacraedc: dont know if this is readable but its what south africa wants to do in next 3 yeras with 14 million youth from age 10 to 18
[3/24/2014 9:39:01 AM] chrismacraedc: south africa has already trained 10000 studenta age 19-22 to help with this chnage
[3/24/2014 9:39:17 AM] chrismacraedc: their partners include richard branson and google and government
[3/24/2014 9:39:35 AM] chrismacraedc: so this is whyy I am existed if south africa can do this, anywhere can do this