taddy i hope your latest launch of free university entrepreneurship yesterday went well - i had the good fortune yesterday of discovering a new next door neighbour - susan a psychiatrist who is an energetic about ending student debt-trapping us education
so i see this plan going forward which needs to be scaled up by and with youth and historically black universities and yunu around dc region until obama gets it
1 bring out inauguration issue of journal of youth economics on yes we can education - copy deadline early january
2 have youth competitions celebration in dc on 5 april and 6 april- encourage all comoetitions to date to share their winning entries
3 work with students like aigerim until we have best hub design for student led accelerators. incubators
obama 2.0 at usaid is supposed to turn every value chain bottom up - far easier if they empower youth to turn education bottom up and collaborative first
best entries of student entrepreneur competitions will continue to be incubated with at least 2 reviews with yunus - at his end of year event in atalnta; when he comes to dc to testify to congress; and then be the core process of the new end poverty university alabama is designing
taddy what's the process regarding your diary in terms of confirming april 5.6?
of course fantastic if we can get your contributions to journal and if we can find ways that skoll and obama also learn from each others youth we can missions , and also include demonstrations in dc of your consciousness methods something yunus biggest us support john mackey at wholefoods will love
continue mapping 10000 youth who will be world greatest job creators with 1000 from japan 500 south africa - at least 100 glasgow if we can keep that rising ... mit 500 where else ?
hors schedule- get a special issue on education life learnings by abed and his partners - something we are working on getting glasgow his alma mater to give him an honorary degree and reunite tom hunters youthedge which has gone missing from what he started with clinton global
one huge area of social buisnesses needs to be youth peer to peer curriculum brought into high schools; we also have the free nusring colege model
these are just starters - once radical job-creating educators join in to what net generataion can do and economics has been reframed at http://www.socialbusiness.tv/

Taddy Blecher- 100/8 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation
FREEMARKET Role - Most connected practitioner of free universities predicted to be the largest export economy of African continent in 2010s
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The marvelous entrepreneurial idea that university staff can help youth create jobs . Moreover, a nation's investment in education designed round youth entreprenurs leads the way to post-industrial win-win-win models and ten times more productive youth the world over
Early Mandela and Branson partners linking in round freeing university education for job creating students include:
Google Africa
Kiva worldwide
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Help the world debate what revolutionary peer to peer curricula free universities innovate
Ensure the most practical connections between the world's most resourced universities offering open educational resources and the free universities that started with the least resources but the most urgent social labs and passionately inspiring youth
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Norman Macrae Foundation next steps
Our foundation's goal of demonstrating that 5000 collaboration youth of the net generation can be selected to build global village economies faster than any 5000 zero-sum big bankers' traders can externalise relies on strong twin city and triad structures. We are planning nairobi and joburg as one such twin capitals for celebrating youthful collaboration entrepreneurs and welcome information sharing with pan-african good news journalists such aswww.africa24tv.com
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