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join friends of The Economist in its 60 years search for entrepreneurial revolution and its 175th year editing end to hunger during revolutions

2018now celebrates the 175th anniversary of The Economist-
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 you can see what founder saw the purpose of The Economist in 1843 to be here. Is there a smarter charter of the purpose of emdiating economisc? RSVP isabella@unacnowledgedgiant.com Personally mediating bottom-up economics be a dangerous purpose- for example Queen Victoria preferred the idea of throning over common wealth instead of slave maing empire- she sent james to calcutta to reform raj economics -within 9 months he was dead of diarrhea, leaving his son in law Bagehot to complete the job of transforming The Englist Constitution

Most Exciting Curricula

NB It too 120 years before trust/credit of grassroots 1.0  networking of a free cure was to be celebrated around which women built the end-poverty nation of Bangladesh )- note how disturbing this is to those  macroeconomists who believe humanity's worth sums up GDPs- they thereby destroy any chance for millenials to celebrate 10 times more health and wealth by collaborating around life-saving information that a borderless interconnected age could be freeing

entreprenurial revolution was a curriculum coined by The Economist i south afrioca of 1968 - a nation that needed a sustainable revolution as humanly much as the new nation of bangladesh did 3 years later

soon entrepreneurial revolution was taking on every challenge of whether millennials of post-industrial revolution would be sustainable- you can track a quarter of century of diaries 1968-1993 here

online library of norman macrae--

but 2018now what was to happen the 7th quarter of The Economist and how did so many of those  lie social entrepreneur bill drayton who in 1978 claimed to be inspired by The Economist's entrepreneurial revolution survey of 1976 get the wrong mathematical end of every open systems and open society map let alone any pro-youth sustainable futures

Entrepreneurial Revolution will determine whether the net generation is to be sustainable let alone whether there will be 7 billion wondrous livelihoods.. And may well all boil down to whether the communications (of post-industrial revolution) will design the smartest most open learning media in exactly opposite ways to which mass television accidentally spun the fastest pied pier way towards the Orwellian Big Brother endgame

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