Monday, April 6, 2015

uide to 20 solutions millennial world entrepreneurs can thank Kenya for
1 JOYWO World leading womens investment banking network
2 Table Banking World Leading poor womens livelihoods community banking
3 W4E partnership Translation  for Joywo of 20 years of mobile womens empowerment solutions around the world
4 amii Bora first end slum ban for youth and families nominated by Queen Sofia as benchmar for 60 souter nations- connected wit The Economist's story that kibera slum could be most entrepreneurial community in the world
5 Mpesa/Safaricom first scaled cashless (apart for last mile) bank; open tech netlink to MIT lab for cashless banking digital wizards (see also nick hughes and http://mbanking.blogspot.com/)
6 M-Kopa pay as you go solar from same founder (nic hughes) as mpesa
7 Nanocredit the fastest scaling mobile for poor solutions networ ever seen in africa
8 Acumen - Patient capital partners funding  headquartered in NY but its origin country is enya and it has formed many student union partnering clubs
9 Ushahidi- lead product is also Kenya's leading open source export - being of the twitter genre but integrating gps crowdmap- both organsiations were founded in wish to help citizens engage in safe outcome to natural or manmade disasters- usahhidi is probably way ahead of twitter in that modality today
10 IHUB is Nairobi's most visible case of Ushahidi funding many pro-youth networs and incubators
11 IHUB 100 tech appreciation awards merits its own mention http://www.cfwshops.org/
12 Julia.NA-  IHUB and Ushahidis' top 10 founders are lined in to extraordinary exchanges between worldwide networks and kenya  eg http://julia.na/
13 akirachix.com an offshoot of ihub aims to be leading women gees network across africa- it also hosts girlgee competitions across schools
14 late great wangaari mathaai green belt movement still an epicentre for ecology and keeping un habitat continental headquarters more edgy tan it would otherwise be
15kickstart irrigation massive scale treadle pumps out of kenya and san francisco office links in similar  solution
16 Kenya Tea Development agent regarded as bencmark for inclusive smallholders production both by monitor and IFC http://www.ifc.org/wps/wcm/connect/5fa58180445b4102a1dbadc66d9c728b...
17cfwshop healthstore foundation - a leading social model for pharmacy retailing
18 bridges intl school africa's leading model of what can be done with a village school where parents pay $1.50 a week - scaling fast
19 khan academy's leading partner in kenya is bridges according to april 2015 tal by Jim Kim on open education being at a tipping point
20 yazmi - Kenya is a leading national parrtner in developing elearning satellite for 5 billion

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