Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I dont think we have scraped the surface of how elearning (satellites and other virtual modes) could be app'd

what if we could get noah/yazmi.com to get ethiopia's government to go beyond trying to sell public half dollar bonds to invest in cleanest most affordable energy

beam down learning on how Down to earth - Ethiopia's green renaissance projects are going inviting the world to improve on them and ethiopians to click to invest in their bonds

if we could get that concept off the ground then by the time that first ladies of china and sainsbury and cnn meet- why not brainstorm china's first billion dollar crowdfund elearning event- maybe knowhow on how to upgrade its basic community health services along the lines being researched right now by jim kim in special report for china

anyone up for such brainstorming?

ps ethiopia's dam better had work as its intervening in most of the source of the nile and it has promised nations dependent on the nile to do them no harm