Thursday, January 7, 2016

10 ask peter to skype mentor you on anthropology and  history of why ethiopia is a nation whose position in africa and middle east changes sustainability of dozens of countries particularly if its strategy of becoming africa's abundant agri communities green energy partner works out -if peter is willing to do that he can also be your youth newsletter to new york co-creating most exciting time to be alive -i dont understand the 0th century's  competing gods over the garden to the world well but egypt and ethiopia contorl the nile and so water flows of all their neighbours

Where Was the Garden of Eden Located? | The Institute for ...

Institute for Creation Research
Nor are the other two rivers present and none go to Ethiopia. ... The key is in recognizing that through the Flood of Noah's day, "the world that then was, being ...Garden of Eden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_of_Eden
The Garden of Eden (Hebrew גַּן עֵדֶן, Gan ʿEḏen) is the biblical "garden of God", ... Eden is now believed to be more closely related to an Aramaic root word meaning ... It also refers to the land of Cush - translated/interpreted as Ethiopia, but ..
9 ask tebabu and king and sam and harrison owen to open space within 3 weeks ideas of ethiopia diaspora  and world bank african youth society- (definition black diaspora are those african americans who care about their country of origin - for example most students in brooklyn care most abut their local community)- flash open space is doable because king and tebabu live in takoma park which has a perfect large community centre for open space which Maryland's legislature and its sister cities across ethiopia visits when bcorps ideas are being brainstormed - its next station up the metro from silever spring - so if there is anyne left at iospaces and hackathons silver spring and nancy you trust you can make sure tebabu invites then too  -tebabu works for Ethiopia's biggest coop leader for poor farmers - he wants to remap all agricultural value chains relevant to ethiopians - thats what bernardo wants to do for every country's poorest farmers - as does stefanos who connects intel eagri and wonders why noah didnt want to be a leader of community health info needed to end ebola

8 etiopians actually contributed the biggest ideas that the world banks first tedx TEDxWBG- see 2 videos= naila knws the person who organises tedx and coursera for jim kim - she could als introduce prita and you - i invited ranga for a while day at the world bank youth entrepreneur competition mainly run by naila

7 naila skyped me today after 3 months of no contact= she wants to meet you and king ideally on mnday between 3 and 6 before kings next conscuius capitalim event on MONDAY - all of you should visit taddy before you are employed by noah

6 naila is  far noahs most succesful womens end poverty partner introducing him to the womens jobs education system www.joywo.org of kenyas second lady rachel ruto who i last met 100 yards fromn tonite's hotel- i introduced rolle and erastmust as well as yur and eratmus ideas of twinning new york technologists with ihub kenya - which has already dne more hackathons that noah on refugees livelihoods

5 bernardo wanted tp swap with noah his knowhow for satellite across s.america (also tross and pope francis main channel)  with nomination of noah as vaticans 2016 biggest education prize winner- this nomination would allow noah to demntrstae yazmi in rme the main space in europe for purchasing yazmi tablets if its main channel is for refugees- get bernardo's president to invite jim king to send chinese head of ifc as co-chief gust of march at cuny/mec; ask naila to ask the toure family former leaders of itu to do likewise -its now run by a chinese guy -noah knew the toures not the new chinese guy

4  if king can help tebabu and nah, then they can help him with la maestra in baltimore and then brooklyn - as well as become the most blessed case conscious capitalism chapters have helped link in - this would be timely for kiehl whose next social actin film across us communities is with john mackey ceo wholefoods - higher purpose nutrition and sustainable framing for all including microcredit banking africa

3 if sam really wants to unite conscious capitalism and green tv then he needs to convince naila of that s sohe can introduce him to ted turners daughter who also does green tv and in uk my friend lord sainsbury's daughter who runs green prizes for prince charles and bbc nature correspondents -and jimmy carters epicentre of solar knowhow for over 35 years neville williams

2 if you are helping prince charles then he will help dianne take get windsor castle dialogues to the next level

1 this leaves rlole woh wants millennials to work for the most exciting decade as mch as harrison owen and kiehl; who can reach mobile apps in ways that even naila cannt  especially if erastmus introduces ihub and kiehl before kiehls 5 days at mit- and ever celebrates you and harrison pwen as the 23 and 81 year olds with the most trusted community regenerating and youth jobs ideas; amy even if you are giving up with new york are you going to leave rain dangling rather than introduce him to kiehls team -- i know we have all put you under tremendous pressure with your family but i dont understand the way you have spent your time in new york if rain was not pivotal to it

0 ask robert to mentor you n what global busienss men in usa and china most connect round -naoh hasnt got an inkling- robert knows more than any american yu will meet in next 3 years , or ever

ask anyone circulated to delete any ideas above they dont like and substitite their ideas 
and please never promise isabella what u-noah have too many distractions to diarise structuraslly around her
since yu came back frpm open space china , i understand exactly how you work as i was tutored by muhammad yunus but you dont begin to understand how my fathers kind of pro-youth economica map ; iT must be very frustrating to be asked to be harrison owens 23 year old disciple but not t have any friend who you believes understands what that would entail- as for suzanne well she is not one hundredth of harrison - why do you confuse your permission to learn from the soure rather than random tributaries diownstream

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