Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nice to hear from you Ken

Young africans tend to host many more meetings (action invitations) in dc than any other diaspora; can i inttroduce you  to frances- she's  the young connectior of african projects i rely on most - we meet in several overlapping networks and hub spaces -- while i loved the 3 day event at the wprld banmk i was quite surprised that it did not directly give voice to all of the world bank associayted youth networks - about a month ago i attened a 300 young african launch at the IFC of  Addis Ideas which was described as the overall collaboration portal- i think frances knows the founders - so if the portal looks good to you please see if she can help connect you nearer to its youth organsiers than ip can

one of these has its own version of a linkedin so we can remember who is who - if you have time please register at www.cbnexus.net that way i can remember to try and introduce you to others as well as king the designer of this tool linking in conscious youth; knowing king gives us a chnace to evolve the tags for searching the database - i will be checking with king what the main green tag is

amy was the one young person i meet regularly who attended the 3 days of the world bank summit and we quite regularly meet frances and king
also she has spent a lot of time contributingh to www.emerald-planet.tv  our regions green cable tv channel searching the world for most replicable solutions- i am not sure if they already have a subnetwork connecting around your main focus

Is one of your projects crowdfunded at stephanie'sd space; i have quite a lot of ctaching up to do in understanding her alumni and alumni of the various sponsors of the 3 day event- kkep at me if you think there is something friends otr i copuld be helping to action

Also do tell us if you are passing through DC so we can try and meet

best chris macrae
www.globalyouth50000.com text 240 316 8157

From: Ken Anviré <anvireken@gmail.com>
To: chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 
Sent: Friday, 17 June 2016, 15:22
Subject: Follow up to the Global Youth Forum 2016

Dear Mr Macrae, 
Trust you are doing fine. 
It was an honor to have met you at the World Bank over the past few days. 
Just wanted to ensure that I kept in contact with you through this note. 
I am Ken Anvire - the gentleman who you spoke to - affiliated with Power African Youth - & Stephanie Mbida.  
My initiative is labeled "Les jeux de la proprete" and it seeks to offer organic waste solutions in Ivory Coast( West Africa) -as well as educational opportunities. 
Would love to interact with you further. 


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