Tuesday, December 26, 2017

at www.economistamerica.com we describe how belt road mapping should be a game teachers and youth play everywhere the sustainability generation develops- africa has particularly exciting education solutions to add to belt road leadership summits -

in recommending that teachers include one of 11 geographical contexts in the way they start to map - we specifically add in all countries that share the med sea alongside the other 10 contexts which provide every country with what might historically be called its geographical region- the most vital refugee learning summit ever hosted will be in ny sept 2018 WISE@UNGA- we welcome ideas from african concerned with refugee's future livelihoods - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

as a diaspora scot i am desperate to maximise partnerships between china and anywhere that speaks english - still the knowledge and coding age's most useful second language

one of the people in Britain most trusted in china is a south African who used to advise mandela but has done great work out of oxford for 15 years ...his name ian goldin

the person who has always most inspired me in south africa among personal contacts is taddy blecher founded the free university there whose partnership names include mandela extranet, maharishi institute and is also the place where branson curriculum were born as were some of google africas coding curricula - taddy has long been one of main alumni networks that is celebrated by skolls annual world championships at oxford - i wonder if he also knows goldin or some of the same rhodes scholars there that i know

free universities are the  new laureate of wise- wise @ accra will celebrate them as well as ghana's new president being pro-youth, and trusted at top of un - co-chair of un eminent advisors and close confident of sheikha moza wise summits

its critical to map the relationships between hubs and free universities; i was always hoping that would happen between taddy and all the people who most inspired us in kenya; ihub ushahidi; mpesa whose designedr nick hughes now works in fintech partnership with mit legatum and so brac www.bkash.com; jamii bora; education commision summit hosted in kenya; joywo womens banking ,ove,emnt of kenyas second lady; nanocredit; the 2 extraordinary schooling entrepreneurs aufrey cheng li coding school and bridges international  shannon may who is a superhero at wise beijing as originally she was a vilage school teacher in china

on his first visit to africa jack ma was sent by part of the un to celebrate kapame entrepreneurs in rwanda also partners in health (farmer and ex kim ) main base in africa and kenya; parts of the un concerned with goal 11 sustainable communities claim to have regrouped youth movements - see ford foundation summit in new york last may- kenya was always a major un branch of unhabitat and strong green female leadership with the late nobel wangaari maathai

south africa hosts the main brcs and new development banking summit in september - questions on the future of african leadership likely hold bank fast whoosh forward with china; previously in 2015 jinping won over many african leaders at summit 2015 in joburg - one said thanks to the gods for sending us this friend; china has published clear specifications of what sorts of projects it believes it can most help africa win-win with sustainability goals of youth of all nations; it has updated these as learning from belt road increases not just on infrastructure but on ecommerce, on education and youth exchanges across belt road junctions

when china hosted brics summit sept 2018  it invited 2 extra african guests - president of egypt (who is already partnering in aiib new development projects concerned with designing the new gov capital) and the president of guinea who is also chair of african leaders association

2018 could be a very big year for china-africa relationships-
china's port connections with world trade is djibouti;
its helped build the freight rail from addis to djibouti and ethiopia seems to be a country willing to rebuild its infrastructure in ways china maps; china has also helped invest in the kenya railway from nairobi to the port of mombassa

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