Monday, September 3, 2018

can we help eleni and ethiopia youth progress end poverty goals as well as urgent progress across africa-
 if eleni skypes in to jack ma researchers week at brac in bangladesh between oct 2-6
- can ethiopia diaspora in dc connect round her market idea presented at jim kims tedx-

-beijing summit details this week transcribed at my blog http://www.economistafrica.com 

here's eleni at jim kims tedx 2 years ago which shelly end-tb networker also spoke at from india
Building a big, bold, beautiful market | Eleni Gabre-Madhin | TEDxWBG sir fazle said if he was given 6 months notice he would join in the next tedx in this series if wanted

eleni i live in dc but i have mainly worked in asia; i try to connect sustainability goal driven youth tech networkers everywhere- over many years now i have seen that stefanos (he runs a tech consultancy in dc while hos brother runs a youth hub in addis) knows far more about connecting that across africa than i will ever do- 

mostofa is organising what jack ma's main academic at tsinghua university debates with who during a 5 day period she has given us- recent jack ma's fintech group made their first investment in bangladesh at Home | bKash - even bill gates says if a billion unbanked women are ever to be served financially and sustainably it will be some variant of bkash that scales-  this has already headhunted the original genius of mpesa

oct 2 to 6 is really about future exchanges bewteen alumni of jack ma and everhwhere =- his main guide to africa is the kenyan who runs unctad - ying knows the several hunder youth entrepreneurs untad has altready asked jack ma to train

thanks chris macrae whats app 1 240316 8157 norman macrae foundation Norman Macrae : Books & Surveys at The Economist 

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