Tuesday, September 18, 2018

 director research and capacity development UNHABITAT Nairobi

we chatted at the new school event in new york in july where Ms. Maimunah Mohd Sharif announced a march 2019 deadline for exchanging good news on goal 11 cities report unhabitat will publish at start of 2020

OCTOBER 2-6 BRAC Bangladesh
I am helping host a women empowerment,livelihoods  education transformation and ultra poverty alleviation dialogue at brac in bangladesh where one of jack ma senior academic researchers tsinghua professor ms ying lowrey will be exchanging ideas- it will, for example, be an opportunity to discuss how recruitment across developing cities is going for jack ma's scholarship to his global entrepreneur business school as well as why jack ma took 20% share in brac's http://www.bkash.com 

I realise that kenya has led the formation of the EFOUNDERS alumni of Jack Ma since thankfully the head of UNCTAD is Kenyan but there are regions and girls empowerment movements like south asia which are only just starting to  understand what jack ma is looking for in youth, livelihood education and in big data small coders- also only last week he upped the excitement by saying that he will work full time on livelihood education from next september; this follows on Guterrez announcement 3 weeks ago that he has asked Jack Ma and Melinda Gates to lead a UN report on Digital Cooperation which will probably just meet Dr Sharif's deadline.

for those who cant get to our dialogue we welcome questions we will aim to document ying's answers to or skype ins- is there any way your tea, would like to join in  or do you have a representative of unhabitat in dhaka who might want to join in?

I have been working for 10 years on bangladesh events with mostofa zaman who is in charge of the whole schedule when ying arrives in dhaka on oct 1 and leaves october 6 -we have both been working for the same period with adam smith scholars in Glasgow coordinated by the Bangladeshi Dr Zasheem Ahmed who launched the Journal of Social Business as the 70th birthday present for Dr Muhammad Yunus- if you prefer to ask them questions please do

In general i would love to know what is the process for contributing to future of cities research - nairiobi used to be my favofite youth empowerment city after dhaka until jamii bora ownership got redesigned-- ingrid munro is up there with my top 5 lifetime heroes of youth's sustainability goals being the only designer of microcredit for youth in slums - i hope her knowhow is being included in goal 11 research JP Morgan Listens to Lessons from Kenya Microcredit Jamii Bora

Yours sincerely Chris Macrae
Norman Macrae Foundation (The Economist's end poverty economist) Washington DC 240 316 8157

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