Saturday, August 22, 2020


from discussion at untad summer school with soros youth scholars
is it possible for developing countries government to define "data is a national property" to impose laws to control big tech corporations?

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9:24 AM
Yes! Rwanda has done it. India is in process. Barcelona is another model. People are starting to wake up.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

ethiopia and african exchanges with china

some references from todays unctad/ysi/ineteconomics summer school on china-africa
http://www.sais-cari.org/ hopkins china=africa research

africans need to understand each of china's development banks - the fact that they don't slot into american definitions is often because the breton woods model of aid is stuck in 60 + year old rules not relevant to modern development
china development bank  -ref 1
China Exim Bank has been participating in the G-20 initiative and has concluded agreements with a number of countries.
Our data on China-Africa loan commitments suggest that China Exim Bank has provided close to 75 percent of all Chinese loan commitments in the DSSI-eligible African countries (excluding Angola, which we discuss below) and China Development Bank only 5 percent. Chinese commercial banks and companies account for the rest.
a representative from gov of ethiopia, arkebe okubay has a lot of experience- africans would be wise to link to that before worrying about rumors team trump has tried to spread