Thursday, May 20, 2021

 picks from worldrecordjobs.com

rwanda kwagame - great job attracting africa hq pih; hosted some of the better youth entrepreneur competitions (contrast with bad experience at world bank)

kenya whomever put mpesa together out of kenya - probably some combination of ihb founders ibrahim nick hughes inspired the world; how this got subsequently financed is unclear - nothing is accebtable to us in kemya until of unless results/microcreditsummit/queen sofia/hilary clinton/swedish churches explain their lack of care for ingrid munro's jamii bora ;whether kitaumi can change whatever the political games are at top of kenya is unclear to us

sad too is south africa- what ever happemed to mandela or the mandela nearly free education intranet which attreacted partners like branson google africa oprah winfree, mandela elders, taddy blecher, maharishi

wonderful are the long term uni of uni partnerships around ashesi/awuah

there are long run great partnerships of brac in afroca; brac does not usually go into a new country leading with its brand unless a world calsss foundation has permissions - see brac and gates in tanzania; brac and masrecard foundation in uganda; in other countries the way to access eg www.abedmooc.com is demand world bank adapts a knowhow coalition such as brac's ultra graduation or brqcs early childhood

Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Do you believe that citizens play “a critical role in advocating and helping to make public institutions more transparent, accountable and effective, and contributing innovative solutions to complex development challenges.”

Are you looking for guidance and concrete examples on how youth are successfully engaging in Africa?

Join our panel discussion for a conversation about ways Africa’s young people can demand good governance practices and transparency in the fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus). You will have the opportunity to hear from experts and youth leaders, ask questions, and be inspired by the stories they will share.

  • Organized by World Bank teams in Sub-Saharan Africa, this will be an opportunity to have a seat at the table when challenges affecting youth are being discussed, and to hear from experts and youth leaders, ask questions, and be inspired by the stories they will share.

    To empower others, some youth leaders will share successful experiences of youth-driven organizations in the establishment of  transparency and accountability mechanisms. This roundtable will call on Africa’s youth to engage as citizens in the context of COVID-19 response management. A medical doctor will also be present to deliver key messages around vaccines and conspiracy theories.

    The event will be moderated by two youth leaders:

    • Dimpho Lekgeu, Blog4Dev winner, Community manager at Youth Lab, South Africa
    • Mountaga Keita, Founder & CEO of Tulip Industries, République de Guinée

    This event is part of the regional events leading up to the World Bank Youth Summit 2021 to be held June 9-10, 2021, under the theme “Resilient Recovery for People and Planet.”  

    “The economic hardship, loss of life, and global human suffering seen at an unprecedented level as a result of  COVID-19  has highlighted the deficiencies in our society and ignited a call to action that is practical, inclusive, and sustainable.”​

    About the series

    With the support of the World Bank, the Youth Transforming Africa Network and the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) are partnering to organize monthly roundtables on development topics. Their purpose is to allow dialogue among Africa’s youth, and prepare some youth-grown solutions to influence policymaking in Africa. For this specific event, the team is working closely with the World Bank Group Youth 2 Youth community, who is in charge of organizing the Youth summit.

    #WBGYouthSummit #GoodGov #CitizenEngagement