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please scroll down to lower half of this mail if you are cocerned with the 5 most basic sustainability development goals and how educators map action networks across them

IF 2020s is human race's last chance then the world must urgent learn with africa both the geonomic continent of nations, and Africa/black as one of the 3 main ethnicities - in round numbers

If as the new us (biden) administration says - 2020s starting with glasgow cop26 questions on can human race go green (net zero) in time; can the infrastructures of the 4 industrial revolutions - machines for energy, media/coms, livelihoods, governance be open up transparently around a place architecture which sustains the under 30s as first sdg generation- what institutions eg the un or various zoomed economic and ecological and cultural forums can every human being trust? 

When mathematicians map nature's evolutionary laws she has no borders - see the virus; she integrates bottom-up diversity- einstein proved that man's science is always an approximation at the level measurements are being dynamically modelled - again ending covid will require all the human and machine intel we can bring because its working at more micro levels of mapping that humans have ever built organisational systems to deal with

population are about 60% Asian 13% african/black, 13% white (old world origin europe) -actually latin american needs to be analysed as its own 6% then quarter of the world's nations are small islands where there may be a mix of ethinicities and native people; analysis of native peoples being an even deeper truth to value.. 

monetary 35% Asian, 55% white, 5% African

natural resources ??? possibly 30%  is found on lands of each ethnicity but who owns them is a different question 

questions like these are huge- the degree of unlearning by people who turned globalisation to the limit of last best chance is possibly even greater than the action learning systems under 30s need


goal 5 100% livesmatter communities 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6; 4 livelihood edu for all 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 3 last mile health services 3.1 3,2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 last mile nutrition 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2,6 banking for all workers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 ...

over 14 years we visited bangladesh many times to understand how up to a billion asian women have since 1970 linked 30 networks together - 6 each for the deepest 5 sdgs- this doesn't in itself answer the next questions of how to go green and tech-and-human friendly out of every community; but if your media or teachers don't value these core networks through every community, everything may collapse just as the greatest buildings in the world ultimately depend on solid foundations

quite new and fast changing entrepreneurially is network 5.6 -zoom me up scottie:  asks which world leadership summits are sharing their actions and learnings not just on zoom but in ways that education systems change their curricula- their teachers as well as students knowledge- the most recent summit as of june 2021 is bloomberg friends gracefully hosted by qatar

3.3 curriculum vaccinate continents nations communities

network 3.3 - vaccinate continents accelerated exponentially with unicef and asian village mothers from 1977 when year of child was first surveyed around the world and through the 1980s- without this foundation  women's sdg solutions across asia would not have grown; one of the big questions is where in afriucan did community leaders connect whether this knowhow either with direct partners in asia or via unicef or its un connections -oissible world class experts alive today jim kim, larry brilliant, rsvp chris.mactae@yahoo.co.uk to nominate who you trust most

4.1 in terms of livelihood education, kenya leapt ahead at the start of the 200s with ihub, ushahidi, mpesa- this was enough to promote mobile tech wixard culture in kenya like nowhere else; will kenya's 2021 elections take ths to the next stage forward or back; in terms of last mile health services rwanda world class partnership with bston pih has reslted in the contients number 1 teaching hospital run/owned by and for africans concerned with community health for all ; kagame also chose to be the first full partner with jack ma when unctad in geneva was organising continent wide tours to see which nations wanted to send potential wizardsw to be trained at alibaba's head quartes; this was part of china's g20 peomise in 2016- at the youth level china has been heroic in bulding its tech wizard training promises - apprarently to the degree that both usa and eu became jealous- when we say china we mean the whole chinese diaspora which happen to be helping youth understand ai fr sdgs out of almost all hi-tech places eg geneva silicon valley hong kong singapore taiwan as well as through some amazinh hunicors founded by teenagers like vipkid and hujian; 

 4.2  informal primary - south africa given that gandhi spent nearly 20 years in south africa and started his experiments on how only education could change a country that needed to go post-colonial in south africa- we have to assume that some of mandela's education exemplars still exist in soyth africa; africans could question mary robinson who now chairs the elders as legacy network of mandela

4.3 across africa all world class ranking of secondary movements valuing youth as the sdg generation benchmark arounfd camfed; another mainly secondary schooling system is brdge intl; it has a fascinating history founded by a female harvard graduate whose first experience was being a chinese village's only tteacher; she then tapped harvard friends to design a low cost schooling system where less than 5% of staff come up with the teaching materials; the 95% act as in-scholl coaches with content distribution through appropriately designed virtual modes- this tok off in kenya and in extending to other nations there has been a battle between teachers education unions who dont like the new role bridges offers between kids and teachers- not in afrca yet but do have a look at facebook funded along - chan the wife of facebook founder may yet turn out to be one of education revolutions top 10 architects and she is a brilliantly qualified medicine woman too

as soon as a child is literate her greatest opporunity is to experientially/vocationally practice her passion and competence; in some cultures we let sports people do this- though the market for sports is one whe winners takes all; those who have helped coack coding wizards say coding is no dufferent than sports it takes practice practice practice as soon as you are literate and numerate- kenya has an exemplary coding school for girls - moringa - where else in africa are coding superstars treasured

 4.4 south africa also sratred in 190s the first recognisable new university designed for millennial students first and staff second - search blecher, cida, maharishi- as far as we understand after building abourt 10000 alumni and new curricula - entrepreneurship with brancon, coding with google africa, financial literacy with a poral of partners- and attempting to find a satllite channel to help 7th grade teachers up design similar missing curiculum -the university shuttered; reports of what happened eg zuma in south africa after mandela are something that deep local intel is needed on - one possible ray of light is africa's largest corporation has emerged through the accident of investing in 10% of tencent- whether it will become a regional centre of gravity in every way educated afrcan youth can sustain the world is an open question; as far as we know the mantle for linking in all new universities out of africa has been inherted by ghana's ashesi also the 6 th global education layreate in qatar's hall of fame


4.6 around 1999 mts steve jobs asked sir fazle abed why havent banglasdesh women nation buldes shared their knowhow globally; abed first reply was we wereso busy trning the world's poorest populous nation in 1971 into something a little more hopeful to be born into; but you are right - if there are eg african nations who want to partner, we must share what we know- have a look at brac international - note who is each country's main global partner- er uganda girls are especially fortunate that reeta roy mastercard foundation chose to start suporting africa with teen womens livelihoods networks from uganda- she has just arranged for a billion dollars invested in vaccinate pan-africa

below we review some of the most exciting education partnerships we have heard of across the african continent but we need your help in improving this tour guide

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