Friday, September 2, 2022

 this may seem a weird question - but equally being 10 miles from the white house if biden has done anything for african or indian youth (ie obama and harris alumni networks) its not had any media voice EconomistDiary.com

to my knowledge t4 (see forwarded mail below) is as exciting as education movements get out of UK -i think  its run by the guy who used to the main producer of the varkey million dollar teacher prize (leonora did that take place in paris last year and is there a varkey this year?) 

for about 5 years, the million dollar teacher prize was dubai's greatest ed summit  (i wish nfts had existed back then because the prize was always more exciting for celebrating a cohort of 100 radical teachers than just the one prize winner) - but after trump shuffled relationships in middle east gordon browns team reassigned all mid east refugee ed networks to dubai cares and the dubai expo and http://www.rewired2021.com  in // recent news on nhk said japan-africa 3 yearly summit not gone too well - japan investment in africa actually slumping (although heaven knows where anywhere is leaping post-covid - maybe this months unga will clarify)

 Browns rewiring seemed to me to be unfair to sheika moza wise the first education laureates and deepest alumni networks of fazle abed)  -and while he has planted an education commision out of korea for hi tech hi touch hi trust education thats a very small part of where his networks and influence as overall un ed envoy seems now to linkin -far away from what he said the day uk banks died - oddly yunus was having coffee with me when he got summoned to what in 2008 was Brown's downing st The PM and Muhammad Yunus - creating a world without poverty

 but in usa gordon brown has about 5 mba's who accidentally  siloise every network he and his wife have tried to build over 20 years - or at least that is my experience of these peeople and what has happened politically out of dc to influence them over time and again - its going to be interesting with the un edu summit in 10 days 
to understand where browns nets are in the pecking order of stuff- as a scot i wish the heck we could help him unsiloise stuff but it seems his mba's didnt want to help jim kim and bank ki moons 5 years of planting youth summits- in summary the whoke of gutteres tech envoy digital roadmapping began at a 2016 brown briefing , but since that day in sept 2016 bronws networks dont seem to have cooperated with what educators started and genevas tech wizrads have now made 100 times more inclusive eg SDG Metaverse Prize -

 year round competition for youth

there are many crossroads to education saving the world that zasheem hoped to include june 2023 when glasgow will celebrate its 265th adam smith moral sentiments with launch of http://www.microeducationsummity.com  MES- fazle abed's preferred name for the billion women copperations of BRA-cooperation he mapped 1972- to death 2019 https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=abed+bhai+cooperation

back at the 250th Glasgow Morals summit zasheem hosted yunus and france eg danone fabers team joined in a lot - so leonora it would be great to know if there is a euro ed revolution team who want to be one of top 12 councils organsiang who presents at MES
meanwhile i wouldnt recommend those of us in usa getting up at 3am on monday fot T4 Africa but worth popping in later in the day to see who is african laureate
other africa one line intros:
spencer is a friend of current zambia president who is looking for pro-youth solutions to africa
team ashesi- africa's main cooperative university in the osun network often has excellent advice this time of year having run summer collaboratory of new africa uni- camille are there any ghana fringe events during UNGA2022 

maurice at world bank has collected more food price data indexing over last 16 years than anyone - his father was a leader assassinated in Rwanda genocide ; I am very confused but I believe jim kim's last chance at keeping last mile health networking going in africa remains rwanda (happy to be told I am being pessimistic) - whilst I have an idea of sdgs and Ed3 Unconference | Ed3DAO whats what in sia 40 years after starting work for univelever in indonesia with muslim womens markets , all I am doing is listing my last very few clues on Africa - why we need to work hard to know more if Glasgow is to include africa to fullest extent

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Africa Education Medal Winning Announcement

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Back in July, we named the changemakers shortlisted for the Africa Education Medal. The Jury is now out and we'd like to extend you a special invitation to join us for this unveiling of the winner of the inaugural Africa Education Medal.


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