Monday, August 14, 2023

 post with www.economistai.com friends in leberiua ask what's AI for next

emima As a Scot i look how engines developed with AI (Artificial Intel) the last chance so share earth and 8 billion humns brans for good -physical power started Glasgow from 1760; where places were lucky trains and electricity from 1850; then something really crazy happened (media) communication engines world wide- there is no point in a telegraph or telephone or satellite telecoms standard unless the whole worldwide industry agrees one cooperation standards as well as linkingin the commons of the country's airwaves - switzerland was appointed agreed space where ever unew coms engine standard has been agreed by ITU 1865 (integrated with UN since 1945) that also rooted 2 world wars as the eurasia region neighbouring switzerland has shown bad media can be very dangerous; so to answer your question on AI:  the 3 greatest mathematicians Neumann-Einstein-Turing who helped the west win against hitler with the atom bomb spent their last 10 yeats inventing the next engine compouting times communicating engines- intelligence of humans is now multiplied by data from every gps and designing all these types of intelliugennce machines but worldwide goals like guterres  UN depend on verygood ai beating ai bad greedy people guterres is asking african head of UN University to help this mointh see www.economistenglish.net but overall one lady fei-fei li at stanford Univerity in silicon valley changed what the very best ai alumni have been mapping since 2006 in stanford - the alumni she has connected (also first discussions with guterres this month) are mapped at www.economistuniversity.com - how do we connect africans and especisally worldwide female enginners? www.economistwomen.com - i keep asking african disapora netwoirks in NY and washington DC but its not clear they have found the answers to scale given so many deep conflicts etc - if you use whats app i can try and connect you if you want to discuss that  my whatsapp +1 240 316 8157- by the way the current us ambassador to un served in liberia- do you or friends have any connections with un https://www.google.com/search?q=%22liberia%22+%22greenfield+thomas%22&oq=%22liberia%22