Monday, September 18, 2023

Mediating HumansAI 2020s as decade of sustainability generation? 

Will ai experts help africa via un or via national panels- bard suggested tracking african modesl like :  

  • African Union's AI Strategy Advisory Group: This group was established in 2021 
  • The South African AI Council: This council was established in 2020 to advise the South African government on the development and implementation of its AI strategy. 

In addition to these national and continental AI advisory panels, there are also a number of AI advisory panels in Africa that are focused on specific sectors, such as healthcare, education, and finance. For example, the African Healthcare AI Initiative has an AI advisory panel that includes experts from across Africa who are working to develop and implement AI solutions for healthcare challenges.

Dear africa friends - received this on whatsapp from muftah today

Hi there,I'd really appreciate it if you could share or donate to this GoFundMe,
Derna, Libya - Flood Relief Fundraiser

we absolutely need to know if there are any embassy/misisons in new york who collectively want to take action
i understand qatar does 
-do we have any other embassies in new york who actually want to collaborate? do we know how to contact the new head of UN University- an African who is also on Guterres top level ai panel WorldClassLLM.com
context, in London from 2003 i represented the European chapter of  Global Reconciliation Network  movement started by Australian Relief Doctors. Muftah is a civil engineer i met in London in 2003 with family in Libya. GRN actually convened dialogue with 1000 Gandhians in Delhi xmas 2004 the week before the tsunami. When you make a list of 21C disasters its hard to see much light. However I do trust Guterres; because he'd become leader of Portuguese red cross , from 2004 he was in the middle of medical and refugee hero networks. I dont think I know much on MENA but I have come to always value actions of sheika moza  HH Sheikha Moza's Speech at the Intl Day to Protect Education from Attack 2023

  Being in the room to hear this is hard to describe
does anyone know how to contact the new african head of united nations university - he is directly in guterres top intelligence team on ai climate www.worldclassllm.com 
sheika moza transcript