Monday, January 1, 2024

wjat ever happeneed to kenya as continent lab of YAI youth african intel

 we'd welcome diarists of how the following grew organically as community and youth goal cooperations buit are hard to see today even as everything the UN (and any multilateral platforms) does to support youth's futures depends on yai and aivertygood celebrating each other

1 wangaari maathai origin of climate adaptation with africa's only un headquarters unhabitat
2 jamii bora  (uniting missionary hospitals in microcredit insurance) 
3 mpesa/safaari -today bracs bkash largest cashless bank in population unites quadir family who invented village phones, nick hughes who designed mpesa, abdul latif toyota middle east, reeta roy mastercard foundation as transnational african womens social business net 
3a launch of borlaug crop science value chains -africa had missed these so gates british aid brac and mpesa in tanzanis was supposed to be th e east africa lab
4 (japan aid in africa linked to potential to unite japans ms koike also an egyptian graduate) palestine universities of soros  as well as deepest women empowerment miracles of tropical asia rising since 1970 eg james grants oral rehydration and larry brilliants epidemiologist networls  
5 ihub & ushahidi and google africa
6  world social forum kenya/ civic societies platforms sustained finance  -patient capital novogratz family patient capital and ted africa conferences and paul polak teadle pump irrigation  and his mit summits
6a bridges international schools started by harvard graduate - scaled in kenya before underfunded by community partnerships
,7 tea cooperatives value chain models obama value chain models as a usa id study; understanding of tech at usaid transitioning public debriefing DC october 2016 
8 bullet train infrastructure between nairobi and leading port; 
9 obamas entreprenur summits; end malaria models, girls coiding schools 
10 water tresearch of kenya's second first lady; 
11 guterres jim kim ITU and unctads demand that jack ma host /train digital africa youth entrepreneurs across nations; the start of un2 aiforgood at un with melinda gates- the antidote to unesco luddites everywhere educators needed pootrest gilrls to be linked into bottom up ai; the connection od dear black girls in brrooklyn and kenya and redesign of value chain of womens sports/arts

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